Sue Grigsby

Sue Grigsby
Cross Country Coach
Rec Admin Class of 1979

Sue Grigsby
Everett, WA

Simply put, Sue Grigsby was born to run. When she was a student at Humboldt State she was running record-breaking races at a time when Track & Field was still an area of athletics dominated by men.

Sue's career as a runner began in high school. The ladies only practiced twice a week and few actually owned a pair of real running shoes. But perhaps that's why she loved it. Her mantra became: "Women don't do this. Maybe I'll try it."

Sue joined Humboldt's track team after high school and, as binders of newspaper clippings and boxes of photos and medals can verify, soon became the "gal to beat." During her two seasons on the track team, she would set records in the 800-, 1,500-, 3,000- and 5,000-meter races.

Sue's unbeatable times and sheer love for the sport have taken her all around the world, to places like Spain, South Africa, Australia, and British Columbia, where she competes against the world's best.

In 1983 she became a track and cross country coach and health and wellness teacher at Everett Community College in Washington state. She's made it her mission to help young college students discover the benefits of living well and staying active.

The Humboldt State alum even established scholarships for today's student athletes, including the Sue Grigsby Scholarship Endowment for Humboldt State Kinesiology majors and the Sue E. Grigsby Women's Distance Running Scholarship Endowment. Sue will also be honored at the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremonies this April.

Since Sue graduated from HSU in 1979, college fees have risen dramatically. Many of her students in Everett have to work to pay for their education and Sue wants to make a difference. "It is important for students to take advantage of their special years in college," she says.