Ryan MacEvoy McCullough

Ryan MacEvoy McCullough
Music Class of 2005

Ryan MacEvoy McCullough
Los Angeles, CA

While it takes some people years to decide what to get a degree in others show up with a plan already in mind. Ryan MacEvoy McCullough is the kind of guy who starts with a plan and follows it through.

Ryan came to Humboldt State with music in his brain, music he had been cultivating for years and was ready to refine. He began his formal music training at the young age of 2 in the Humboldt Music Academy. At age 5 he was beginning to play piano, and by 13 he was already working on compositions.

At just 18 years old McCullough received his B.A. in music from the studio of Dr. Deborah Clasquin. Not only was he the youngest graduate in his class, but he also graduated summa cum laude.

MuCullough has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Milosz Magin International Piano Competition in Paris France (3rd place in 2001, 1st place 2003 for Advanced, and Grand Prize for Concert Artist in 2005) as well as a Silver Medal at the World Piano Competition.

This talented musician has played with multiple orchestras, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, at times appearing as a soloist. He had his Carnegie Hall debut in the spring of 2007, he plays for multiple European audiences and has been heard on the National Public Radio.

Ryan is currently pursuing his master's degree in music at the University of Southern California on a full scholarship.