Blake Moorman

Blake Moorman
Football Coach
Kinesiology Class of 2007

Blake Moorman
Southern California

We all know that Americans go crazy over football—American football that is. However, this once purely American sport is growing in popularity in other countries.

Blake Moorman ('07), HSU star quarterback, received an unexpected invitation to coach Futbol Americano to an eager Spanish team, L'Hospitalet Pioners, following his graduation.

Moorman accepted the invitation and brought along his two teammates, Joey Stein, wide receiver, and Josh Costa, linebacker to play with the Pioners. The three HSU alums, all members of the celebrated 2006-7 campaign when the Jacks went 9-1, led the Pioners to their best season in the team's history winning them the Liga Nacional de Futbol Americano title.

"We were very successful and had a great time," Moorman says of the experience. "The organization embraced us all and treated us like kings."

Moorman started out like a seemingly unlikely college quarterback candidate, weighing 160 pounds at 5'10". "You get pummeled. At that size, I couldn't see over the linemen." Intense year-round training and positive support led him to be a record setting player and an international coach in an amazingly short period of time.

In just two years Moorman worked his way up to 200 pounds, passed for 4,684 yards setting a new record for career passing yardage, and threw 34 touchdowns; just one touchdown shy of another school record.

Perhaps it was this record that attracted Alex Grande, the Pioners' general manager, to Moorman. Grande's decision to recruit Moorman paid off as Moorman's coaching along with his comrade's skills brought the Pioners to a 36-17 season securing them the league's title game.

Although there was opportunity to continue to work with the Pioners, Moorman returned to Southern California to be with his new wife. His hopes are to teach college level football in the States.