Jensen Rufe

Jensen Rufe
Film Production Class of 1999

Jensen Rufe
Hollywood, CA

What do Paris Hilton and Bigfoot have in common?

Jensen Rufe.

Since graduating from HSU, Jensen has filmed just about every subject under the sun. He's directed music videos and edited numerous episodes of MTV's The Real World, Making the Band‚ Hip Hop and Road Rules, Fox's The Simple Life and USA Network's Nashville Star.

Jensen also finds the time to make his own quirky documentaries that chronicle everything under the sun: Indiana's giant pork sandwiches; one man's obsession with Bigfoot; big-city punk rock; small-town rock and roll bands...there seems to be no limit to his creativity.

"It's cool, of course. I call my folks up and say 'Hey tune in at 8:30, my name will be on it," says Jensen. "But it still doesn't beat watching my stuff at the Minor (Arcata's local theater)."

"Humboldt State is the perfect place to learn independent film and television…the perfect place, but I'd recommend Humboldt State to anybody. You can come here, get one hell of a good education, and absorb one of the coolest cultures that America has to offer. That's the truth."