John Adorador

John Adorador
Info Tech Consultant

John Adorador

When a smart classroom is not doing what it should or when problems arise in a computer lab, John Adarador is the man who gets called. He is the "desktop systems guy."

"Computers have changed the way courses are taught," he says. "Preparing the smart classrooms has exposed me to new and exciting software. A lot of different things pass through here."

John graduated from HSU in 1997 with a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in computer information systems. After graduation he took a job with Information Technology Services and has been working with technology on campus ever since. Currently, he is an Information Technology Consultant for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. "The department has changed names a few times," he says. "The department changes and duties change as technology becomes more advanced."

John is also a sports fan who likes to get in a Lumberjacks football game when he can. "I enjoy continuing to live the Humboldt experience everyday," says John. "It's great! It's really neat seeing professors I had classes with and people on campus I've known for years now."

When he's working John is all business, but when he away from Van Matre Hall this family oriented guy is a big kidder. "I like to be professional when I'm working," he says. "But at home I'm not so serious. If you talked to my grandmother, she'd tell you I'm a jokester. I like having fun with my family."

John received the President's Staff Recognition Award in 2010 to which he says, "Giving back by working here is a real honor. I've been fortunate enough to stay in the area."