Dan Cleaves

Dan Cleaves
Info Tech Consultant

Dan Cleaves

If you have a specific problem with an HSU computer, a problem with your personal computer, or even if you just have questions about software, you can bring your questions to Information Technology Services (ITS) and Dan Cleaves will help you out. "People can ask about anything to do with a computer. It doesn't have to be HSU specific."

As an IT Consultant, Dan helps handle the Help Desk, Moodle and campus computer labs.

"I kind of picked this job because I was in school so long that I didn't want to leave," Dan jokes. Although he does love the campus atmosphere, he also loves being someone who can help students out. "I get to work with students all day long as someone who's helping them. They're always very polite." He likes to help students by working through their problems with them, which makes sense since he had originally wanted to be a math teacher.

"Computers were just getting big when I was doing my math major. Before then, everything was done longhand." So, when computers came along functioning as complex calculators, Dan incorporated them into his education.

After earning his B.S. in Math from California State University at Bakersfield, Dan got his M.S. in Math Education at HSU ('92). He also taught various math courses at HSU and College of the Redwoods, including his favorite class: Intermediate Algebra.

Although he had applied to many other graduate schools, Dan ended up at HSU because of Professor Charles Biles. Biles invited Dan to stay over at his house while he checked out the campus to decide whether HSU was the right fit for his graduate studies.

"It was a brand new master's program, so he was really recruiting." But opening his home to Dan was above and beyond what he expected from any professor. It sealed the deal - after that, Dan knew he wanted to live in Humboldt. "I came up and visited and thought ‘Wow, it's so pretty and everyone is so nice.'"

While Dan attended HSU, he worked as a student assistant for IT. He was a computer operator which, he said, consisted of loading and untangling the reels of tape that ran through the computers. His job is much different today.

Technology is constantly changing, so Dan is constantly adapting. The long-time PC user even learned Macs in order to be of better use to the campus' needs. "I was a PC, and I was kind of scared of the Mac, but, working here, I had to get Mac friendly."