Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis
RLC for the Manor & Campus Apartments

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis enjoys talking business while walking through the community forest. As the Residence Life Coordinator for the Manor and the Campus Apartments his job is to help students living on campus make the most of their experience. Jeremy helps with housing issues and assists residents in hosting events for their community. He says working with students sometimes means going for a walk or playing ping-pong while talking business.

"The students keep me young. There’s just so much energy working around here. Yeah, sometimes it exhausts me but the energy the students bring is why I like working on college campuses."

His work revolves around transfer and returning students, attending meetings, planning committees and empowering students through the residence hall council.

Jeremy graduated from Humboldt State in 2005 with a degree in history. He then earned his masters in student affairs in higher education at Colorado State University. For him it was a practical and theoretical degree that has prepared him for his current job with Housing & Dining.

Jeremy has continued his theoretical approach to student affairs by writing papers and presenting at conferences. His topics include parent and university relationships, apartment-style community living, and international student housing.

Jeremy returned to Humboldt State in 2008 in part because "the social and physical climates are great. The University is an amazing community. People all around campus want to work with you and the outlying community is really supportive."

Another thing Jeremy has noticed about Humboldt State is "the students here are more civically engaged and more likely to get involved. It feels so much different here."

Sometimes Jeremy stays on campus late to catch an event his residents are hosting, like the BS Players, an improvisational comedy group. Other times he’s out and about exploring Humboldt County by backpacking, surfing and geo-caching. Geo-caching is treasure hunting for the digital age. "You download the coordinates of the treasure and then use a GPS unit to find it. The treasure is usually within 20 feet of the coordinates. It’s really fun trying to find something that you don’t know what it looks like or where it is."