Denise Giltzow

Denise Giltzow
Office Manager for HR

Denise Giltzow

In the four years that Denise Giltzow has been with the human relations department she has fielded a lot of strange questions from prospective Humboldt residents. "What's the price of milk in Humboldt," and "Can you help me get my dog spayed or neutered," are just two examples of the things people think about before taking a job at HSU. "We get all kinds of questions," says Denise. "I love being able to help people find the answers."

Denise knew Humboldt was home the moment she stepped off the airplane at 16 years old during a visit to her brother, also an HSU grad. "The minute I smelled the salt air, I loved it. I knew this was home."

Denise takes pride in what she does on campus and holds the HSU community in the highest regard when it comes to responsibility and honesty. "I think Humboldt is a really unique county and the university is a special place," she says. "We have a strong community here and the people have a sense of personal responsibility. It's not everywhere that someone can lose a cell phone and get it back the same day."

When it comes to helping, Denise is always willing to give of herself, even outside of the office. She admires Eureka resident Betty Chin for all her efforts to help feed those in need. "If I was independently wealthy and didn't have to work," Denise says, "I'd be volunteering full time with the local non-profits, animal shelters, and organizations that do a lot for the community."

Her willingness to help made it easy for her coworkers to nominate her for the president's staff recognition award, which she won in 2010. "I had no idea I was nominated," she says, "I felt very humbled. There are so many other staff members who are equally or more deserving. I was just doing my job."

Denise will continue to go above and beyond to help anyone who may need assistance, she says. "If anybody ever needs help they can always stop by HR."