Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane
Admissions Counselor

Stephanie Lane

As someone who grew up in Humboldt County, Stephanie Lane wasn't that excited about being a student at Humboldt State. She didn't really take the time to experience HSU until her junior year when she switched her major to Recreation Administration. It was then that she realized that Humboldt State is a pretty amazing place to be.

Now she spends her time meeting with potential students and helping them figure out how to make the most of their own Humboldt experience.

When Stephanie isn't meeting one-on-one with potential students or traveling to the Bay Area doing outreach for Humboldt State, she's attending "all the Humboldt athletic games."

"I am the kind of person who is doing something from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. I love being in the middle of things and out in the community," says Stephanie.

However, most days between 9 and 5, Stephanie is answering emails and phone calls from prospective students. "In a given day I will meet with one to six students for their initial visit. I deal mostly with freshman and do all the admissions for student athletes, because I worked in the athletic field for three years."

Stephanie says her job is just as much about coaching the parents as it is the new students.She will always remember the appreciation parents show her. "I got flowers from the mom of a student, whom I helped out like I would have helped any student's parent. I don't expect that from anyone—but when I get it I remember that I am affecting people's lives." Stephanie feels she can't go home until she's returned all of her phone calls for the day. For a prospective student that phone call can bring them peace of mind.

The best part about her job is, "seeing first-time students get into college and watching them really excel."

As an alum of Recreation Administration, "I am constantly bumping into folks from my era of Recreation. Everyone is always checking up on each other and networking to make sure we are all doing well. I am on the Parks and Recreation Committee for the City of Eureka and I got to help hire a classmate from HSU's Recreation Department. These are college connections you want to keep."