Dave Nakamura

Dave Nakamura
Director, Center Activities

Dave Nakamura

Dave Nakamura remembers teaching rock climbing as a student when he was a Recreation Administration major at HSU in 1985. Now, Dave jokes that he is "the Head Cheese" of Center Activities, Humboldt State's organization dedicated to offering classes in outdoor, aquatic and leisure activities for people of all ages and abilities.

"I have been the director since 2002. As the director I do a little bit of everything, which I really enjoy. We are in charge of the Student Recreation Center, the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, and provide management services for the Arcata Community Pool. We do different facilities management, program development and administration. We work with staff and we work with the campus community."

"We go goofy sometimes," Dave adds. "Our employees are recreation-minded and they have a fun-loving attitude."

He says he finds it rewarding knowing that Center Activities "provides services for hundreds and hundreds of people everyday. It's wonderful knowing that we are a part of people's routines-a part of people's life."

Humboldt State is a "really great place to meet people and to learn from faculty and staff. I know its cliché, but its true." Humboldt is also a "great place to live or work. There is less traffic here! But really it's a great place because it is relatively small and rural. And people are very friendly. I think that is something visitors really notice."

Though no longer the fearless rock climber he was in his college days, Dave still enjoys the outdoors through kayaking and backpacking. Sometimes he rides along for a Center Activities adventure to have some fun and see how the programs are working out.

What will he always remember about his time at HSU? "The fun, talented, intelligent, dedicated people that have worked here over the years."