Du Cheng

Du Cheng
Cellular/Molecular Biology
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Du Cheng

Why did you choose HSU?

HSU was one of the choices I have on my exchange program list. But I never knew how awesome it was until I came. The school is surrounded by redwoods like a citrine inlayed in an emerald. I am so amazed by a lot of things. Professors, like Diane Johnson, know everyone's names. President Rollin Richmond is super nice. He talks to students and invites us to his office. The International Center helps us with everything. I am especially amazed by the involvement and quality of undergraduate research here. At the peak time, there were 10 undergraduate students in Dr. Zhong's lab like me. We had five presentations accepted to the CSU Biology Symposium 2011.


If we shuffled your iPod, what 5 songs would most likely come up first?

Black Eyed Peas-Where is the love
Jay-Z-Empire State of mind
Morcheeba-The Sea
Jay Chou-Cai Hong
Dr. Amy Sprowles-Stem Cell lecture recording

Most embarrassing thing on your iPod?

A GRE vocabulary recording.

How do you have fun in Humboldt County?

Crab fishing, Basketball, Tennis, hiking, Taiji, hanging out with my geek lab mates and Professor Terry Halmo.

What will you always remember about HSU?

Green and Gold, the redwoods and people on the grass in the sunshine. Plus the ocean view room in campus apartment and quiet days in the lab.

What are you passionate about?

Helping people, making change, research, finding a cure for AIDS and a stem cell approach of brain–computer interface.

Outdoor spot you love

Trinidad, Blue Lake, and the Tick lab.

What has been your best experience at HSU?

Research, hoping for green light before sunset in the BSS building, Organizing the Chinese New Year Celebration. International Students group is so cool!

Most fascinating thing have you learned recently

I am taking Stem Cell Biology with Dr. Amy Sprowles this semester. We not only read papers and study theories in the classroom, but also learn how to do hands on research on Stem Cells like growing neurons and heart tissues in the lab. I also learned that I really miss my family in China.

What are you plans after graduation?

I'm going to get my MD/PhD in the US and become a medical scientist.

What's your favorite class at HSU?

Biol 499 Directed Study, Biol 410 Cell Biology.

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

Dr. Jianmin Zhong, He is my research mentor. He's also talented, kind, hard working and passionate. He taught me everything.

Have any tips for new students?

Try everything, work hard, and be crazy.

What was the best thing you did last summer?

I did a research project in Harvard University, and then went to New York with my cousin from Canada.