Meagan Dupre

Meagan Dupre
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Meagan Dupre

Why did you chose HSU?

"I choose HSU because the journalism department had more than just a newspaper. Osprey Magazine and KRFH sounded like more fun and a bigger range of experience than other schools offered."

What are you plans after graduation?

"After graduation I plan to move to San Francisco and apply for jobs in advertising or layout at a publication. I have considered grad school but have not made any decisions yet. If I did go, it would be to an arts school for Graphic Design."

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

"My favorite professor thus far has been Vicki Sama. She is able to effectively teach about loaded topics without letting her own opinion sway the discussion. She is also very clear about what she expects. I have gotten to know her over three semesters, and I gain more from the class when I understand the professor outside of class."