Stephanie Haller

Stephanie Haller
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Stephanie Haller

After completing internships with local jewelry maker Baroni Designs and the Humboldt County Film Commission Stephanie is now the editor-in-chief for the Lumberjack (HSU's student newspaper). Stephanie expects to graduate Fall 2008.

What are your best campus experiences?

"My first semester on the Lumberjack newspaper was spent as a photographer and I never imagined I would become Editor-in-Chief my final semester at Humboldt. I have learned so much about myself and have become a better photographer and writer. I've made friendships that I know will continue past graduation. Having a beer with friends at the Depot after a long day of classes: Priceless."

What are your post-graduation plans?

"I would love to stay in Humboldt County or move to Seattle. I hope to either work in public relations for an environmental non-profit or be able to find an employer who can use appreciate my love of photography, PR, and design. Graduate school is not out of the question either."

What will you always remember?

"I will always remember the passion and drive that flows through this campus. You can see it in the students, the faculty, and the staff — we all truly love being here at Humboldt.

"But most of all, I'll remember the friendships and the kindness. Years after I've taken a class, professors still know my name and say hello. I'll see them standing in line at Wildberries, or taking a stroll along the beach. Rather than passing by, they strike up a conversation. Students smile instead of scowl and say hello to strangers. I will never forget the warmth of this campus — it was always evident, even on those typical foggy Humboldt days."