Katie Hitzeman

Katie Hitzeman
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Katie Hitzeman

What has been your best experience at HSU?

"The Costa Rica Primate Field Program I participated in through HSU Extended Education was definitely my favorite experience. I learned so much about primates during this program but even more about myself and how much I was capable of. Plus, who gets to say that they spent their 20th birthday in a tropical rain forest in Costa Rica surrounded by a bunch of primates?"

Who was your favorite professor? Why?

"Mary Glenn, by far. She has been the most amazingly enthusiastic and encouraging professor. I was lucky enough to have her as my advisor as well. I could not have asked for a better mentor and inspiration. I used to tell my friends and family that I wanted to be the next Jane Goodall when I grew up. Now I tell everyone that I want to be just like Mary Glenn. :) "

Have any tips for new students?

"I could give a lot of advice but the most important tip I can offer is to choose a good group of people to surround yourself with. These people will become like family to you in your new home away from home. If you choose a dysfunctional family, the next four years will be more difficult than I'm sure you'd like them to be. If you choose the best of the best, you will have an amazing support network that will make any problems you may come across look like molehills instead of mountains."