Peter Johnstone

Peter Johnstone
Environmental Systems
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Peter Johnstone

Peter spent the summer of 2008 in Kenya working on an LED lighting project with Professor Arne Jacobson providing Kenyans with safe and energy efficient lighting options. He also works with Schatz Energy Research Center and is involved in the Renewable Energy Student Union (RESU).

What was your best experience at HSU? Why?

"Being part of RESU. I've gotten to watch and participate as the club has grown and undertaken so many interesting projects. We've installed a solar/micro-hydro renewable energy system for the Smith River Alliance, done EPA grant work on wind energy, and have all gained great friendships."

What is your favorite class? Why?

"My favorite class in the master's program is Building Energy Analysis. It was my first energy related engineering course at HSU and it satiated my desire for both intellectual and practical knowledge. I took the course my first semester here, fall 2005, continued to do some work in the field, and am proud that I was able to co-teach the class in fall 2007. It was rewarding to pass on the knowledge.

How do you have fun in Humboldt County?

"Bicycling on the roads and trails, backpacking, walking through the Community Forest, and other modes of human-powered travel across the landscape.

"Some of my favorite journeys have been in the Trinity Alps wilderness. The mix of forest, granite basins, and alpine meadows make it a special place."