Brittney J. Merritt

Brittney J. Merritt
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Brittney J. Merritt

Why did you choose HSU?

I chose HSU, because I did not know what I wanted to major in and I was ready to leave the city life behind me. I was ready for a large change and one that would keep me focused. I knew that I could enjoy small town life and get myself prepared for a life on my own in an environment that catered to my love of the outdoors.

Most embarrassing thing on your iPod?

The Gummy bear song

How do you have fun in Humboldt County?

I am in involved with Delta Phi Epsilon, a social sorority on campus. We do events every weekend and those events are amazingly fun. From volunteering in the community, helping around campus, raising money for our philanthropies, and even doing various socials and fun events for the community as well as sisters. There is never a dull moment, let alone the natural beauty of Humboldt and the ability to make great use of it!

What will you always remember about HSU?

That when I decided to do something, that every faculty and staff member were helpful, and helped me to achieve my goals. When dreaming large here, no one will stand in your way, but they will stand in your corner helping propel you toward the goal that you are striving for. I will also remember the environment; there is nowhere else in the world similar to this place.

What has been your best experience at HSU?

The ability to explore so many different options and disciplines. Coming with a ton of leadership experience from high school and being able to channel that into all the clubs, activities, events, jobs is amazing. And it has helped me better figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Who was your favorite professor?

Kay La Bahn Clark, she was my German Literature professor. I took her class because I was interested in Kafka and Nietzsche. I walked away with even more of an appreciation of authors, and who else can get students jazzed about reading the Communist Manifesto? Learning about Marxism and a whole host of influential and inspirational figures. It definitely pushed my education to new heights. By far one of the best classes I have ever taken in my life.

Have any tips for new students?

Procrastination is the worst thing that you can succumb to. Prevent the all-nighter by starting the assignment the day it is given. Create an arbitrary deadline (a week or two) before it is actually due, and commit yourself to that date. Keep a planner and a wall calendar so that once given the assignment you can see it all the time (since it will be in both places). In addition, most importantly I learned to use a handy app like Stayfocusd to keep you focused and off of those time wasting websites. Sounds silly but it will save you the stress, the endless pots of coffee and you will be better off. You only have time to do it once, not twice, so get started now.