Paul Yzaguirre

Paul Yzaguirre
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Paul Yzaguirre

Why did you choose HSU?

I chose HSU because of the beautiful natural surroundings, the great teachers that take the time to really work with you, and yes, I love the weather! Plus, I feel great getting a fantastic education that is also affordable.

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about giving people the best chance possible to find and fulfill their dreams. To say it straight, I love education. I want to be able to give people a genuine interest for learning and help them discover where they want to take themselves. I want everyone to be able to talk about diverse subjects from physics to economics to philosophy and not just scratch the surface, but delve into those fields. I know that sounds crazy, but I want to work towards that.

Outdoor Spot You Love?

It's too hard to pick one, but I do enjoy the huge groves of redwoods, the ones that are absolutely pin-drop silent except for the occasional drop of water on a leaf or chirp of a far off bird. Lady Bird Johnson Grove, though it is popular and you'll run into other people, has spots that just give you that feeling of a greater connection to nature than you'll find almost anywhere else.

What has been your best experience at HSU?

Probably serving on Associated Students, as I've met a great bunch of my current friends on it and they couldn't be more stand-up people. I've had a blast helping out HSU with them, and I'm happy I made the choice to go for it.

Most fascinating thing you have learned recently?

How America today was shaped by the actions of some legendary tycoons at the turn of the century, especially Rockefeller (oil), J.P. Morgan (banking), Carnegie (steel), and Jay Gould (railroads). Some of the richest men to ever have lived, these individuals built these industries into the great workhorses of production in the 20th century. Though for the record, Gould was quite a scoundrel.

Who was your favorite professor?

My favorite professors, since its too hard to pick just one, are John Meyer in Poli Sci and Erick Eschker in Economics.

Have any tips for new students?

What you get out of Humboldt depends on how much you put in, and the great thing about Humboldt is that if you go for something, you'll get rewarded. If you love any of the sciences, do well in your classes and ask your professors if you can help them with their research, they'll say yes or help you out in some way. If you love taking a stand for issues on campus and or even in general, lead a student organization, program, or even AS, it's more possible than you think. Just don't doubt, put yourself out there and do the work, you'll love it.