Degrees & Options

Composition Option

The composition option gives a practical background in music composition with an emphasis on the use of music technology. Students must audition to enter this track. It requires 18 units beyond the core, yielding a total of 61 units for the major. A senior recital is also required.

Education Option

The music education option prepares students to teach music in elementary, middle, and high schools. The department is vitally concerned with providing quality experiences to prepare future music educators. A broad spectrum of course offerings provides opportunities to learn all aspects of music education. Following graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in music education, students may be eligible to enter a professional preparation program leading to a music teaching credential.

General Studies Option

The General Studies Option emphasizes a liberal arts orientation with a broad view. It involves guided electives, requiring 11 additional units beyond the core, yielding a total of 54 units for the music studies major.

Performance Option

The performance option requires selection of a performing emphasis area (voice, piano, orchestral instrument, guitar) and a successful audition. A senior recital is required in all areas of emphasis. The vocal and piano emphases consist of 22 units beyond the core, yielding a total of 65 units for the major. Recitals in both the junior and senior year are required for the piano emphasis. The instrumental emphasis, including guitar, consists of 18 units beyond the core, yielding a total of 61 units for the major.

Music Minor

Core Courses
MUS 104 (3) Introduction to Music
MUS 110 (3) Fundamentals of Music

Applied Instruction: 3 semesters (3 courses) chosen from: MUS 108, MUS 109, MUS 112, MUS 113, MUS 130, MUS 330 and/or Studio Instruction: MUS 222-236. At least one semester of piano instruction is recommended.

MUS 406 or MUS 407 or MUS 450: 3 semesters (3 units)
Plus 6 units of electives to be chosen from:
MUS 214 (3) Theory I
MUS 301 (3) Rock: An American Music
MUS 302 (3) Music in World Culture
MUS 305 (3) Jazz: An American Art Form
MUS 318 (2) Jazz Improvisation*
MUS 320 (3) Composition: Film Scoring*
MUS 324 (2) Contemporary Composition Techniques*
MUS 361 (2) Music Technology: Recording & Playback
MUS 453 (2) Career Skills for Musicians

*Has a prerequisite of MUS 214 Theory I.

Total Units: 18

Upper Division Units: 6 to 9