Jazz Combos

photo: jazz combos

The Humboldt State University Jazz Combos are groups of three to seven musicians. Three or more groups are formed each semester by audition. HSU professor Dan Aldag coaches the combos, but they are largely autonomous, with each group deciding what style(s) of jazz they wish to perform, selecting (and often times composing) their own repertoire and often rehearsing themselves. As a result, the combos each have their own character and personality. In recent years, groups have played in styles ranging from traditional New Orleans and Gypsy jazz to post-bop and funk.

Rehearsal times

Students placed in a combo will rehearse one of the hours listed in the schedule of classes plus one more hour TBA. If you are auditioning for Jazz Combos, please try to leave all listed hours free. The more of these hours you have free, the easier it is to be placed in a combo.


Auditions for the Jazz Combos take place every semester on the first Thursday evening of the semester. Information and music to be prepared for the auditions is posted the week before. Students auditioning are asked to perform three tunes as part of a group.