Jury Policy

  1. All music students who take studio lessons will take a jury examination each semester they are enrolled. The jury panel will consist of the faculty in any given area (i.e., woodwinds, brass, etc. Percussion juries will be administered by the percussion instructor and other faculty of his choice).
  2. Studio lesson grades will be determined by the studio instructor. The jury grade may be a factor in the final grade and will be part of the decision to pass a student to the next level.
  3. Students will take an upper division qualifying jury to pass from the 200 level to the 400 level. Students should consult their studio instructor for specific requirements (which will be established for each studio).
  4. Junior and Senior Recitals. Students who plan to perform Junior and/or Senior Recitals must take a special jury with a panel to be set-up by the studio instructor at least five weeks before the recital is scheduled. This will be instead of a regular end-of-semester jury. Excerpts from the program will be performed and the special jury must give clearance before the recital can be performed.
  5. Within the first week of the semester or before, transfer students will audition for a jury which will determine whether they are ready to register for upper division lessons. It will be the responsibility of the studio instructor to convene a jury panel consisting of the studio instructor and at least one other person.
  6. All faculty in a given area (e.g., woodwinds, brass), are expected to sit in on juries for the entire area.

adopted 11/98
revised 2/3/99