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Come visit the HSU Natural History Museum at 1242 G Street Arcata!

Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm.

Admission costs $15 family (2 adults and 4 kids) $6 adults, $3 seniors, students, and kids 3 years old and above. Toddlers are free. Our gift store is a fun place to explore and it is free!

You can now donate directly to us online. Just click here!

NEW! You can also give to us while visiting Wildberries. Just look for the Natural History Museum in their Community Giving Boxes at the cash registers.

Evening Lecture Friday, May 18th : The Real Mars!

Join us for an evening lecture with Mark Bailey 7 p.m. - 8:15 a.m. Come and explore the wild and dangerous world of the planet Mars. Find out what Mars is really like—not the Mars of movies and colonial dreams but what it really is. What have we learned in the last decade to transform our view of The Red Planet? Would YOU really want to be a Martian Colonist? What are future space programs are set for Mars? Is colonization on Mars even possible? Join Mark Bailey to learn about these topics as well as where to find Mars in the sky. Mark has been teaching planetary science for decades, is an avid astronomer, and keeps up on the latest details.

ASTRONOMY DISCOVERY DAY! Saturday, MAY 19th from 11a.m - 3p.m. Join the museum for a host of fun and educational activities for the whole family including looking at the moon, modeling craters, using filters to see space objects, and launching rockets. There will be something for everyone. Cost $3, seniors and kids $2, HSU students and NHM members are free.

In addition, the Astronomers of Humboldt will be here with telescopes, a meteorite collection, and more.

The Natural History Museum Welcomes Hanna Nielsen as our New Education Coordinator!

In just the first couple of months Hanna has been with the NHM she has already contributed greatly to our programs.

Hanna is passionate about using education to connect people to the natural environment. Raised in Arcata, Hanna grew up exploring the coastal dunes, hiking the redwood forests, and walking the marsh. Her love of nature encouraged her to obtain a BA in Religous Studies and Biology with a focus on how worldview shapes ones' relationship to the environment. Since then, Hanna has used her background to focus on environmental education and outreach specializing in community engagement and messaging with an emphasis on climate change. Her experience as an environmental educator includes developing and piloting the first regional climate change curriculum in the state of California for schools around Humboldt Bay. She has also worked for the City of Arcata Environmnetal Resources Department, City of Berkely Office of Energy and Sustainable Development, and has been a camp instructor for several local summer camps. She is looking forward to using her passion for environmnetal education, connection to the Humboldt Bay region, and her interest in community engagement to support her role at the HSU Natural History Museum.

Summer Science and Nature Camps 2018. We have two weeks of summer fun lined up for hands-on investigations, exploratory field trips, and discovery games. Please go to our "PROGRAMS" link for more information. Registration forms are coming soon!

MONTHLY WILDLIFE TRACKING WORKSHOPS ARE THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH. The next one will be on SATURDAY, MAY 19th (changed from May 5th). This field class will go all day beginning at 9 a.m. Specific location TBA. Space is limited, so please call or come by to save your spot. We encourage carpooling.

To sign up, call 707-826-4479 or download and mail in a registration form (allow 5 days). See additional information below.

Help us post! Here is a flier.

Click here for a mail-in registration form. Please allow 5 - 7 days for us to receive it in time.


These tracking workshops are an amazing experience. Phil Johnston is a natural teacher and is passionate about wildlife. You are guaranteed to find tracks as you look for other signs such as bones, scat, markings, mannerisms, gates, etc. These walks really get you tuned into the animal world by bringing back a lost art.

$25 regular, $20 museum members, $15 seniors & HSU students, Family $50 (two adults and 2 kids). Sorry under most situations we cannot give refunds.

Locations are announced a few days beforehand in order to have a positive experience. You will need to wear good shoes, bring your own lunch, water, coat, hat, etc.

To download a registration form click here


Our store is a great place to find fun, unique nature gifts, for young and old. We have shells, minerals, fossils, books, identification guides, microscopes, science kits, stuffed animals, and other educational items.



WE APPRECIATE OUR MEMBERS! At the family level or above ($60) you automatically join the ASTC and can get in free or at reduced rates to hundreds of other museums and science centers around the country. Please go to the memberships link for more information.


Look Closer!... We have two new additions to the museum.

Meet Deinonychus. This is a member of the raptor group. Our specimen is life sized, and related to the Velociraptors! It's name means "terrible claw" and you can see why! Donated by Gail and Rich Paselk. THANK YOU!

Meet Martin the marlin! This Striped Marlin was donated by Cindy Engle and her husband Steve, who caught it 30 years ago off the coast of Cabo San Lucus, in Baja Mexico. THANK YOU!


Our honeybee exhibit is temporarily closed.


WISH LIST: We depend on community support. Your financial and item contributions sustain the HSU Natural History Museum for our community. We are a non-profit organization.

  • New office desk
  • Donated carpentry skills for improvng exhibits
  • Bathroom wall cabinet (24"x32 or 36")
  • Custom sign for the south facing museum wall
  • 2" self-standing non-illuminated magnifier
  • New cash register
  • 4-drawer filing cabinet
  • classroom audio/visual equipment
  • rolling wooden stands or custom made wooden stands for heavy specimens (rolling either 12x12" or 12x16")
  • Office supplies such as ink cartridges, laminate, sharpies, foam core, sturdy velcro, and much more!

We depend on community support. Monetary donations can be received in person, on the phone, online or mailed to 1242 G. St., Arcata, CA 95521

Click here to make an online donation

Please call the front desk for more information!

Financial contributions are tax deductible and always appreciated!

Below see our latest revised exhibit done by Anthropology intern (2017) Frida Fuentes who volunteered her time to get it done! Thank you Frida.

We continue to update our exhibits. Please come visit us soon.

SRL The mission of the museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, is to inspire an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world. By exploring the museum, we hope visitors are inspired to get out and explore other magical places in northwest California. We also hope to provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students. Please take a tour and send any suggestions to the webmaster.