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Come visit the HSU Natural History Museum at 1242 G Street Arcata!

Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm.

VIEW A PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE from Northern California, beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, August 21st. It lasts about 3 hours, peaking around 10:15 a.m. A link to a great website is:

SORRY WE HAVE NO SAFE ECLIPSE GLASSES FOR YOU. We can offer you some information however:

1) CAREFUL VIEWING THE PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE! The only safe way to look at the sun is through welders glass #14 or higher, a telescope with a solar filter, certified safe eclipse glasses, and by relecting an image of the sun through a pinhole or using a pinhole projector that you can make easily at home (instructions are below).

There are many "fake" eclipse glasses for sale right now including the Dollar Store. Walmart is on the safe list as well as Home Depot.

2) For information on the eclipse refer to: the American Astronomical Society and NASA. These two places have a lot of information including a list of safe vendors and businesses that produce safe versions. If yours is/are not on the lists provided, please don't trust them.

3) For watching the eclipse safely using an app, you may want to try using one from the Exploratorium:

They will be live streaming the entire 3 hour total solar eclipse from a couple of different places including southeastern Oregon.

Make your own pinhole projector:

Get two pieces of cardboard--one piece colored white to project onto. Cut a square in one cardboard, then tape a piece of foil over the square. Now make a pinhole in the middle of the foil.
With the sun behind you, hold the pinhole cardboard as far from the white cardboard as you can. Remember, the farther you are from the screen, the bigger your image.

You can now donate directly to us online. Just click here!

Admission costs $15 family (2 adults and 4 kids) $6 adults, $3 seniors, students, and kids 3 years old and above. Toddlers are free.

Thank you to all of our participants and their families for supporting us during our youth summer workshops. Please check back for future educational opportunities!


HSU is accepting applications for an educational coordinator for the musuem until AUGUST 17TH. For any questions please contact our director, Julie Van Sickle.


COMING UP...Saturday, September, 23rd we are sponsoring an all day WILDLIFE TRACKING FIELD WORKSHOP from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come and find out what you can learn from animal signs in the wild with professional tracker, Phil Johnston.

Please pre-register by calling 707-826-4479, printing and mailing in your registration, or come on in and see us. This might be the last one! Space is limited.


Phil Johnston is one of the best trackers in the the United States. He currently works for the Hoopa tribe and will share his knowledge with you. During these workshops, Phil show you things you never thought could be interpeted by animal signs. This is a great time of year as animals are very active defending their territory and feeding their babies. These monthly workshops are co-sponsored by the Sequoia Park Zoo and they come to an end on September 23rd.

Tracking workshop prices:

$25 regular admission, zoo or museum members $20, seniors and HSU students $15, and we have a family rate of $50 (two kids for free).

For more information, please see the workshop flier below.

For all participants, please bring good walking shoes, food, water, and perhaps some rain gear depending on the weather. We encourage carpooling. Parking is limited so please park at Redwood Capital Bank.

CLICK HERE for the updated Tracking Workshop flier:

CLICK HERE to download a mail-in registration form:


Are you a member? Summer is a great time to become a member of the HSU Natural History Museum. At the family level or above ($60) you automatically join the ASTC and can get in free or at reduced rates to hundreds of other museums and science centers around the country. Please go to the memberships link for more information.


Look Closer!... We have two new additions to our museum.

A new dinosaur is here, Deinonychus. This is a member of the raptor group. Our specimen is life sized, and related to the Velociraptors! It's name means "terrible claw" and you can see why! Donated by Gail and Rich Paselk. THANK YOU!


Come and see our big fish, Martin the marlin!

This Striped Marlin was donated by Cindy Engle and her husband Steve, who caught it 30 years ago off the coast of Cabo San Lucus, in Baja Mexico. THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who supported

Earth and Space Discovery Day!



Our store is always open for unique, fun, and educational items. It's free!


We have rocks, magnets, figurines, fossils, exploratory kits, stuffed animals, experiments, microscopes, rock tumblers, and lots of indentification guides and books for all ages.

Click here to see some our newest items

WISH LIST: We depend on community support. Your financial and item contributions sustain the HSU Natural History Museum for our community. We are a non-profit organization.

  • A new desktop computer (windows compatible)
  • Bathroom wall cabinet (24"x32 or 36")
  • Custom sign for the south facing museum wall
  • Folding tables and chairs for our new classroom
  • Office desk
  • 2" self-standing non-illuminated magnifier
  • Apple vga adapter for projector
  • 12 volt battery for our Dewalt drill (model DW9072)
  • New cash register
  • 4-drawer filing cabinet
  • rolling wooden stands or custom made wooden stands for heavy specimens (rolling either 12x12" or 12x16")
  • Office supplies such as ink cartridges, laminate, sharpies, foam core, sturdy velcro, and much more!

Cash donations can be received in person, on the phone, online or mailed to 1242 G. St., Arcata, CA 95521

Click here to make an online donation

Please call the front desk for more information!

Financial contributions are tax deductible are always appreciated!


We hope to have school programs available Fall 2017 in our new Learning Laboratory (portable classroom). For more information on what we offer, please go to our programs link.


Our beehive is currently closed. Please check back periodically.

Can you spot the queen in this picture?


Thank you Dayna for painting our nautilus sign!


Link to past Discovery Day Flyer


We have new store items!

Looking through our store is always free.

SRL The mission of the museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, is to inspire an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world. By exploring the museum, we hope visitors are inspired to get out and explore other magical places in northwest California. We also hope to provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students. Please take a tour and send any suggestions to the webmaster.