Natural History Museum

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Come visit the HSU Natural History Museum at 1242 G Street Arcata!

Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm.

Save the Dates!

Evening Lectures beginning at 7 p.m.

Friday, March 3rd: Wildlife Tracking: The Past, Present, and Future of an Ancient Art with Phillip Johnston. This lecture helps to kick-off our new ongoing montly tracking workshops beginning the first Saturday of every month. (see information below).

Link to the Tracking Lecture Flier:

Thursday, Mar. 23rd: Marie Antoine, an HSU lecturer, will take us into the world of lichens and bryophytes (moss, liverworts, etc.).

Thursday, Apr. 20th: Chris West, biologist, will give us an update on the Yurok condor release program and some history on condors.


The first field day begins MARCH 4TH. These workshops are co-sponsored by the Sequoia Park Zoo. Locations will vary depending on the weather. Members, students, and seniors receive a discount. You can call now to reserve your space (707) 826-4479. Limited to 20 people.

For those interested in the first workshop it is best to call as the date approaches to find out more information. We encourage carpooling.

CLICK HERE for the Tracking Workshop Flier:


Our store is always open for unique, fun, and educational items. It's free!


We have rocks, magnets, figurines, fossils, exploratory kits, stuffed animals, experiments, microscopes, rock tumblers, and lots of indentification guides and books for all ages.


WISH LIST: We depend on community support. Your financial and item contributions sustain the HSU Natural History Museum for our community. We are a non-profit organization.

  • A new desktop computer (windows compatible)
  • Bathroom wall cabinet (24"x32 or 36")
  • Custom sign for the south facing museum wall
  • Folding tables and chairs for our new classroom
  • Sturdy work table
  • 2" self-standing non-illuminated magnifier
  • Apple vga adapter for projector
  • 12 volt battery for our Dewalt drill (model DW9072)
  • New cash register
  • 4-drawer filing cabinet
  • rolling wooden stands or custom made wooden stands for heavy specimens (rolling either 12x12" or 12x16")
  • Office supplies such as ink cartridges, laminate, sharpies, foam core, sturdy velcro, and much more!

Cash donations can be received in person, on the phone, online or mailed to 1242 G. St., Arcata, CA 95521

Click here to make an online donation

Please call the front desk for more information!

Financial contributions are tax deductible are always appreciated!


We hope to have school programs available Spring 2017 in our new Learning Laboratory (portable classroom). For more information on what we offer, please go to our programs link.


Our bee exhibit is temporarily closed.

Our queen is healthy, but the workers were out of food. They are staying warm and cozy in their hive until the weather improves. We hope to have them back soon.

Can you spot the queen in this picture?


Thank you Dayna for painting our nautilus sign!


Link to past Discovery Day Flyer

Link to our last Lecture Series flyer


We have new store items!

Looking through our store is always free.

SRL The mission of the museum, through its collections, exhibits, and programs, is to inspire an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world. By exploring the museum, we hope visitors are inspired to get out and explore other magical places in northwest California. We also hope to provide a learning laboratory for Humboldt State University students. Please take a tour and send any suggestions to the webmaster.