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Our new and improved Education Programs are coming soon. Please check back with us soon.

CAMP LEADERS: Let us help you by using our 60 minutes programs for summer camps. This can be done on or off site this summer upon request. Fee $80 for each group of 20 participants.

Programs offered:

Animating Astronomy: Kids can view how orbits change with mass and will make a solar system model to scale with realistic planet stickers they can take home. In addition, they will explore light and waves and make a see-through visible light spectrum as well as explore alien life by creating their own alien.

Ground Breaking Geology: Kids will learn about rocks using rock kits and hand held samples. They will learn about some of our local rocks, those that come from volcanoes, and those that change under heat and pressure. They will identify various minerals that many rocks are made of by applying a few fun and simple tests including streak, hardness, and luster.

Perplexing Paleontology: Kids will learn what fossils are and what fossils can tell us. They will be engaged by sorting and classifying real fossils while learning some facts about dinosaurs. They will excavate fossil paddies and will see some of the amazing fossil specimens we have from our collection.


EDUCATORS: We currently have teaching boxes and Engineering for Elementary School curriculum available for checkout. We invite you to explore our virtual exhibits!


Below are resources for educators to use with their classrooms before or after your visit.

Visit the Exhibits page for downloadable resources 

Redwood Resources

Geologic Time Resources

Any suggestions for additional resources? Send them to the webmaster


Museum Scavenger Hunt for visits (coming soon)