Our Oceanography alumni do very well in their careers. That's because they enter the job market with a lot of skills and experience, so they "hit the ground running." Employers appreciate that our graduates are well-trained and can tackle a wide variety of responsibilities and challenges. Those who are ready to pursue Masters or PhD degrees get into the very best graduate schools because they have the breadth and depth of coursework and training in science, math, and marine sciences necessary to do well.

Featured Alumni

Portrait of Jorge Matos.Jorge Matos

Hometown: Valencia, Venezuela
Graduated HSU Oceanography: 1983
Current occupation: Project Hydrologist, The Shaw Group, Concord, California

What do you do? "Field measurements of groundwater; 3-D computer modeling and visualization"

Why HSU Oceanography? "The professors taught me how to teach myself. They did a good job of teaching me the right techniques, to hone in on the information you need and do the research for it."

What did you like most about HSU? "I enjoyed working on my senior project, the characterization of the Eel River estuary. We camped out, got field experience, and did seasonal studies to collect data."

Portrait of Renee.Renee Takesue

Hometown: Torrance, California
Graduated HSU Oceanography in 1995
Current Occupation: Geologist, US Geological Survey, Santa Cruz, California

What do you do? "Field work, planning, lab work, and publishing research. For example, one of the projects I'm working on now is how pollution affects nearshore ecosystems and processes."

Why HSU Oceanography? "The hands-on field experience. Not just going out to sea, but learning lab techniques and learning how to do a research project. Also, the size of the program makes it an intimate experience and the professors make great mentors!"

What did you like best about the program? Going out on the research vessels, like the R/V Coral Sea and others.

Portrait of Carrie Leonard.Carrie Leonard

Hometown: Colfax, California
Graduated HSU Oceanography: 1992
Current occupation: Manager, Applied Sciences and Algorithms Group, BAE Systems Spectral Solutions, Honolulu, Hawaii

What do you do? "Ocean remote sensing using satellites."

Why HSU Oceanography? "The at-sea experience, definitely. You encounter things there when you're doing science, practical things you wouldn't otherwise know about."

What did you like about life at HSU? "Everything! The city forest in back of the campus, the beaches in Trinidad, and riding my bike out in the Arcata Bottoms."dsf

Portrait of Meredith Hayes.Meredith Hayes

Graduated Oceanography: 2000
Current occupation: Project Scientist, GZA Geo-Environmental Consultants

What do you do? "I work on groundwater and coastal issues."

What did you like best about the HSU Oceanography program? "I'd have to say that I liked how the program was really close and intimate. The professors are accessible and the students are very close with one another. You spend four years with a group of people who have similar interests to you, and you get to work very well together, it's just a very good experience that way!"

Is there anything special about the program that has helped you in your career? "I learned technical writing. I learned to work with other people, and I also developed my analytical skills. All those things are useful in graduate school and the workplace."