Why Humboldt State?

Real Experience...In The Field

Humboldt State offers the only undergraduate oceanography program in California leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. While we're proud of the international reputation of our academic program, we are equally proud that we give every undergraduate student the same kind of research experience most schools reserve for Master's and Ph.D. students. Why is this important? Students learn best by doing; not just virtual experiences but hands-on experiences. Field research hones your critical thinking skills and reinforces what you're discovering in the classroom.

"The Humboldt program provided me with a lot of theoretical and hands-on experience in Oceanography. That's a combination that is very difficult to get elsewhere. It's a great program. I highly recommend it." *
Hernan E. Garcia, Ph.D.
Oceanographer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Silver Springs, MD
* The views expressed are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. federal government or NOAA

Fully Equipped in the Perfect Setting

We are also the only program in the United States with both a fully-equipped marine lab (The Telonicher Marine Laboratory) and a true oceanic research vessel (the 90-foot R/V Coral Sea) dedicated to undergraduate research. Our setting — minutes away from ocean, estuary and lagoon habitats — provides our students with unlimited research opportunities.

You are the Focus Here

Our professors are involved in state−of−the−art research, but their primary focus is teaching undergraduate students. At Humboldt State, you will work directly with your professors. You will find them available to answer your questions and to help tailor your education to your interest and strengths. You will get to know all of the faculty in the department, and the faculty will get to know you, by name.

Why Study Oceanography?

Do you have a fascination for the ocean? Are you interested in science? If so, oceanography may be your perfect match! Discover why Oceanography is right for you. »

Want a career in marine biology, tsunamis, oil and gas exploration, climate change, marine environmental protection? Get your start here at Humboldt!