Why Study Oceanography?

Do you have a fascination for the ocean? Are you interested in science? If so, oceanography may be your perfect match! Oceanography is the study of the ocean environment and its inhabitants. A degree in oceanography gives you a firm foundation in biology, chemistry, geology and physics. There's lots of hands-on training, too. With such broad skills, our graduates are well prepared to understand and help manage the world's oceans.

"The knowledge our professors have is remarkable and they love teaching. The research experience you get in this program is amazing, it makes you more qualified for the positions you'll be trying to get after you graduate — plus, it's actually fun!"
Michelle Cleland
Senior HSU Oceanography Major, Leadership Studies Minor

Oceanography graduates are extremely well rounded and, as a result, excel in a wide variety of occupations. Marine biologist, tsunami modeler, water pollution chemist, seismic engineer, seagoing technician, teacher — these are just a few of the rewarding careers that oceanography prepares you for.

Why Humboldt State?

Humboldt State offers the only undergraduate oceanography program in California… Learn more about Oceanography at Humboldt State. »