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OLLI members have first priority registration for courses. Anyone may register for an OLLI class; however, nonmembers must pay $25 additional fee per class. Up until the week before the course begins, nonmembers may be dropped from the course if space is limited and members wish to enroll.

Course information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


To sort courses by subject, course title, day of week or start date, click on that column header. For example, click on "start date" to sort courses by their starting dates. Each course title is linked to its description and resigration information.

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Subject Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Mind & Heart Special Interest Group: Friends of Jung T (1st) 01/03
Mind & Heart Special Interest Group: Soul Collage® W (2nd) 01/11
Art Special Interest Group: Book Arts: Tattered Pages Th (2nd) 01/12
Mind & Heart Special Interest Group: Conscious Aging Conversations W (3rd) 01/18
Literature Special Interest Group: Book Group W (3rd) 01/18
Writing Writing as a Spiritual Journey T 01/31
Leisure Special Interest Group: Bridge Playing Group T (Last) 01/31
Art Vincent Van Gogh in France T 01/31
Mind & Heart Create the Life You Want W 02/01
Health Ballet for Adults (Option 1) Th 02/02
Art The Art & Science of Drawing: Basic Skills Th 02/02
Science Forty Years of North Coast Gardening [FULL] Th 02/02
History WWII Home Front: Humboldt County [CANCELLED]    
Art Introduction to Zentangle (Option 1) S 02/04
Health Mindset: Essential Foundation to Fitness (Option 1) S & Su 02/04
Mind & Heart Navigating Life's Challenges [CANCELLED]    
Mind & Heart The Flight of the Wild Gander S 02/04
Health Gentle Yoga (Complete Series) M 02/06
Health Gentle Yoga (Option 1) M 02/06
Health Tai Chi Made EZ M 02/06
Leisure Beyond Checkered Board: Command & Colors; Ancients M 02/06
Music Introduction to Music Theory M 02/06
History Sea Captains Bodega & Vancouver in the Pacific NW [FULL] W 02/08
Language Help Dell'Arte Create the "State of Jefferson" [CANCELLED]    
Technology Android: The Basics Th & F 02/09
Poetry Sufi Poets: Passionate Playfulness T 02/14
Technology Android: Let's Learn More T & Th 02/14
History Striking Structures of Humboldt County (Option 1) W 02/15
Travel Take It Slow...Take the Train Th 02/16
Travel Lust for Life: Film Screening & Discussion M 02/20
Bellissimo Piedmonte! T 02/21
Technology Introduction to iPad Basics [FULL] Th 02/23
Current Events Disaster Preparedness for Boomers [CANCELLED]    
Music Just Sing M 02/27
iPhone & iPad Photography T & W 02/28
Music Just Sing 2 W 03/01
Music The Remarkable Story & Songs of Peter, Paul & Mary W 03/01
History When New England was New W 03/01
Health Ballet for Adults (Option 2) Th 03/02
Technology Android: Going Further [CANCELLED]    
Travel Beyond Tours: Freewheeling, Independent Travel Th 03/02
Leisure Sailing Basics on Humboldt Bay F 03/03
Art Zentangle: Beyond the Basics (Option 1) S 03/04
Health Movement: Essential Foundation to Fitness (Option 1) S & Su 03/04
Gentle Yoga (Option 2) M 03/06
Ballet for Adults (Option 2A: NEW SESSION ADDED!) M 03/06
Leisure Acting Up: The Fundamentals of Acting M 03/06
Mind & Heart A Celtic Pilgrimage with John O'Donohue M 03/06
Current Events What are the Grawemeyer Awards? T & Th 03/07
Health Ballroom Dance T & F 03/07
Health A Food Plan for Metabolic Health T 03/07
Language The Lore & Lure of Language W 03/08
Health Making the Transition to a Low or No-Meat Diet [CANCELLED]    
Art The Art & Science of Drawing: Form & Space [FULL] Th 03/09
Health Pilates Plus W 03/15
Leisure Contract Bridge For Beginners W 03/15
History Looking at Lentell's Humboldt County S 03/18
Mind & Heart The Celtic Vision of Beauty M 03/20
Health Tai Chi Made EZ (Option 2 - NEW SESSIONADDED!) M 03/20
History History Repeats Itself: 1920s T 03/21
Mind & Heart Sisters of the Heart: Female Friendships T 03/21
Film The Life & Films of Nicholas Ray T 03/21
History Ishi: The Last Yahi W 03/22
Destination Damanhur: Unesco World Heritage Site S 03/25
Art Book Arts: The Buttonhole Stitch Book T & Th 03/28
Health Ballet for Adults (Option 3) Th 03/30
Art Introduction to Zentangle (Option 2) S 04/01
Mindset: Essential Foundation to Fitness (Option 2) S & Su 04/01
Culinary Wines of New Zealand [CANCELLED]    
Health Gentle Yoga (Option 3) M 04/03
Music Just Sing 3 M 04/03
Art Paper Arts: Eye Catching Surface Designs on Paper [FULL] T 04/04
Exploring the Eastern High Sierra [CANCELLED]    
Art North Coast Artists Showcase T 04/04
Literature Homer's Iliad: The Bravest Story Ever Told W 04/05
The Golden Rule Anti-Nuclear Protest Boat W 04/05
Writing Advanced Memoir: Writing Your Life Story Th 04/06
Writing Dawning Tree: Bringing Your Stories to Light [CANCELLED]    
Health Audiology & Hearing Aids: An Overview F 04/07
The Armchair Traveler: Loafing Around the Lower Eel S 04/08
Leisure Discovering European River Cruising S 04/08
Leisure Introduction to Sea Kayaking (Complete Series) [CANCELLED]    
Art Stamps & Stencils for Surface Designs T 04/11
Leisure Intro to Sea Kayaking 100: On Land [CANCELLED]
Poetry Bob Dylan: Folk Singer to Nobel Prize Winner T 04/11
Health Support Series for a Food Plan for Metabolic Health T 04/11
Travel Two Sides of East Africa: The Tour Without the Airfare T 04/11
Leisure Intro to Sea Kayaking 101 Th 04/13
Art The Art & Science of Drawing: Light & Shadow Th 04/13
History Victorian Architecture: Humboldt County Th 04/13
Science Excavating the Y Chromosome S 04/15
Leisure Intro to Sea Kayaking 102 [CANCELLED]    
Leisure Acting Up: The Fundamentals of Acting [CANCELLED]    
Science A Natural History of the Golden State T & Th 04/18
Poetry More Fine Art of Reading Poetry Out Loud [CANCELLED]    
Leisure Intro to Sea Kayaking 103 [CANCELLED]    
Ballet for Adults (Option 3A: NEW SESSION ADDED!) M 04/03
Health Ballet for Adults (Option 4) Th 04/27
Ballet for Adults (Option 4A: NEW SESSION ADDED!) M 05/01
Current Events Images of Araby T 05/02
Science On the Ground in Lacks Creek [FULL] S 05/06
Art Zentangle: Beyond the Basics (Option 2) [CANCELLED]    
Health Movement: Essential Foundation to Fitness (Option 2) S & Su 05/06
Health Gentle Yoga (Option 4) M 05/08
Film Swept Away: Film Screen & Discussion M 05/08
Literature Shakespeare Festival: Henry IV W 05/10
Current Events Skepticism: Ancient to Modern Th 05/11
History Covering the Bald Hills [FULL] S 05/13
Travel Take a Ride on the Wild Side! [CANCELLED]    
History Citizen's Guide to the Constitution T, W, Th 05/16
History Striking Structures of Humboldt County (Option 2) S 05/20
Travel Conversations on Transportation - JackPass Th 05/21
Literature Shakespeare Festival: The Odyssey W 05/24
Science Discover Salmon Pass of Headwaters Forest W 06/14