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OLLI members have first priority registration for courses. Anyone may register for an OLLI class; however, nonmembers must pay $25 additional fee per class. Up until the week before the course begins, nonmembers may be dropped from the course if space is limited and members wish to enroll.

Course information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


To sort courses by subject, course title, day of week or start date, click on that column header. For example, click on "start date" to sort courses by their starting dates. Each course title is linked to its description and resigration information.

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Subject Course Title Day of Week Date
History Early Days in Orick: 1850s-1970s W 07/12
History Sharing History So It Won't Repeat Itself W 07/12
History Humboldt History: Ancient, Medieval & Modern Th 07/13
History Historic Trinidad Th 07/13
History Humboldt County Reduced to 72 Square Feet [CANCELLED] F 07/14
History Cool Time in Old Town Today F 07/15
History Rocks, Redwoods, Lagoons & Wildlife Sa 07/15
Arts Book Arts: Books from a Single Sheet of Paper [FULL] W 07/19
Arts How to Take Fabulous Travel Photos W 07/19
Arts Once There Was...Oral Storytelling Th 07/20
Arts Drawing Demystified Th 07/20
Arts Learn a Dance from a Classical Ballet [CANCELLED] F 07/21
Arts Photographs & Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts F 07/21
Arts Photographic Journey of Humboldt [CANCELLED] Sa 07/22
Arts The Legend of Georgia McBride [CANCELLED] Sa 07/22
Environment Restoration & Renewal of Redwood National & State Parks W 07/26
Environment Hiking Humboldt's Redwood Forest W 07/26
Environment A Life at Sea Th 07/27
Environment Riding the Waves of Climate Change Th 07/27
Environment Stream Channels vs. Tidal Channels F 07/28
Environment Climate Change: Facts, Fiction & Controversy [CANCELLED] F 07/28
Environment Hiking Humboldt's Redwood Parks Sa 07/29
Industry Explore Entrepreneurial Ventures at Redwood Acres W 08/02
Industry Sea Kayaking on Humboldt Bay [FULL] Th 08/03
Industry The Magic Behind Fire & Light Glassware [FULL] Th 08/03
Industry Morning Delights at Beck's Bakery F 08/04
Industry Tasting Tour: Alchemy Distillery & Wrangletown Cider F 08/04
Industry Growing Local: Redwood Roots Farm Sa 08/05
Industry Redwoods Sawed & Saved Sa 08/05