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Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Composing & Rendering Still Life Su 02/15
OLLI at the Opera: Capuleti Su 03/22
Traveling: How to Pack Option 1 M 02/02
Intro to iPad Basics FULL  
Learn to Draw Option 2 M 02/02
Gentle Yoga 1 M 02/02
Tai Chi Made EZ Part 1 M 02/02
Memoir Option 1 M 02/02
Last Words: Write Your Obituary M 02/16
Brain Health M 02/23
Matewan M 03/02
Gentle Yoga 2 M 03/02
Tai Chi Made EZ Part 2 M 03/16
The Universe in a Nutshell M 03/30
What is a Healthy Diet These Days? M 04/20
Guide to the Beatles’ Best Songs M 04/06
Simple Video Production M 04/06
Gentle Yoga 3 M 04/06
Landscape Design M 04/06
Gentle Yoga 4 M 05/04
Book Arts: Concertina Spine T 02/17
Special Interest Group: Jung Group T 02/03
Alaska: Ultimate Travel Destination FULL 02/03
Rise of Sexual Art in Vienna T 02/03
Fanning the Fire T 02/03
Learn to Draw Option 1 T 02/03
Ottoman Empire & Middle East T 02/03
Native American Spirituality POSTPONED  
Special Interest Group: Writing T 02/10
Creative Travel Photography CANCELLED  
Creative Nonfiction Writing T 02/17
Special Interest Group: Bridge Group T 02/24
Communication in Crisis CANCELLED  
Memoir Option 2 T 03/03
Surfing the Silver Tsunami T 03/03
North Coast Artists Showcase T 03/24
Unconventional International Travel T 03/24
Exploring the Eastern High Sierra T 03/24
Walking the Camino T 03/24
Let Our Voices Twine T 04/14
Fun with Glass Etching T 04/14
Using Your iPad as a Mobile Library T 04/14
Five Remarkable Jetliners CANCELLED  
Pain: Family Doctor’s Perspective T 04/07
Fossils & the Evolution of Life T 04/07
Book Arts: Coptic Stitch CANCELLED  
It is Your Estate T 05/05
Art of Living W 02/04
Appreciating Poetry I Option 1 CANCELLED  
Selling Your Books W 02/11
Opening the Gates: SoulCollage® W 02/11
Special Interest Group: SoulCollage® W 02/11
Special Interest Group: Writing Critique W 02/11
Basic Audio Principles Option 1 W 02/18
Special Interest Group: Book Group W 02/18
Managing Photos on your iPad W 02/25
Pilates Plus for OLLI Option 1 W 03/04
Contract Bridge for Beginners W 03/04
Contract Bridge for Intermediates W 03/04
Appreciating Poetry I: Option 2 CANCELLED  
Eureka Symphony Concert - March CANCELLED  
ISIS W 03/25
Walking: The Universal Cure W 04/01
What the Buddha Taught W 04/01
Spaghettis: The Last of Westerns W 04/01
Eureka Symphony Concert - April W 04/15
Pilates Plus for OLLI Option 2 W 04/22
Appreciating Poetry II CANCELLED  
Basic Audio Principles Option 2 W 05/15
Appreciating Poetry III CANCELLED  
Basic Audio Principles Option 2 W 05/20
Eureka Symphony Concert - May W 05/27
Special Interest Group: Genealogy Th 02/05
The Brains of Leonardos Th 02/05
Traveling: How to Pack Option 2 Th 02/05
Death, Tea & Cupcakes Th 02/05
Well-Being & Happiness Option 1 Th 02/05
Life & Films of Katharine Hepburn Th 02/05
Understanding French Culture Th 02/05
Explore South African Travel Th 02/12
Special Interest Group: Tattered Pages Th 02/12
Photography Using iPad, iPhone Th 02/26
Galapagos: Darwin & Natural Selection Th 05/07
Learn to Draw: Light & Shadow Th 03/26
Papyrus to Pixels Th 03/26
Well-Being & Happiness Option 2 Th 03/26
Similar Bird Species Th 04/23
Pain: Family Doctor’s Perspective Option 2 Th 04/09
Intro to Steel Drums Option 1 F 02/06
North of the “River of Doves” Option 1 F 02/06
Intro to Steel Drums Option 2 F 03/06
Botanical Drawing Workshop F 04/17
Arthritis in Our Community F 04/17
Watershed Heroes FULL 05/01
Restoration & Renewal RNSP F 05/01
Video Production Option 1 CANCELLED  
North of the “River of Doves” Option 2 Sa 02/07
Seven Principles for Relationships Sa 02/14
Conscious Elder CANCELLED  
Community Media Orientation Option 1 Sa 02/21
Video Production Option 2 Sa 03/07
After the First Draft Sa 03/07
Community Media Orientation Option 2 Sa 02/21
Community Media Orientation Option 3 Sa 04/18
Armchair Traveler: Architecture Sa 04/18
Making the Most of Your Second Half Sa 04/18
African Song Circle Sa 04/25
Community Media Orientation Option 1V Sa 05/01
Humboldt County Redwoods Sa 05/16
Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Sa 05/02



(PDFs require Adobe Reader or equivalent)