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OLLI members have first priority registration for courses. Anyone may register for an OLLI class; however, nonmembers must pay $25 additional fee per class. Up until the week before the course begins, nonmembers may be dropped from the course if space is limited and members wish to enroll.

Course information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


To sort courses by subject, course title, day of week or start date, click on that column header. For example, click on "start date" to sort courses by their starting dates. Each course title is linked to its description and resigration information.

Subject Course Title Start Date Day of Week
Mind & Heart One-Day Meditation Retreat 01/09 Sa
Film Conversations: Life in the Second Half 01/26 T
Mind & Heart Introduction to Meditation 01/27 W
Technology Intro to Photoshop & Image Editing 01/30 Sa
Health Gentle Yoga - Option 1 [FULL] 02/01 M
Art Learn to Draw! [FULL] 02/01 M
Literature Exploring the Autobiography of a Yogi 02/01 M
Health Tai Chi Made EZ - Part 1 02/01 M
Health Aging in Place 02/02 T/Th
Writing For Writers: The Fine Art of Critique 02/02 T
Technology Essentials of Digital Photography 02/02 T
Language & Culture Japanese Language 101 02/03 W
Language & Culture Beginning Italian 02/03 W
Science & Environment Beach Guardians 02/05 F/Sa
Art Book Arts: The Basics 02/06 Sa
Mind & Heart Mindset: Foundation to Fitness 02/06 Sa/Su
Art Behind the Scenes: Theater [CANCELLED] 02/06 Sa
Music Just Sing! [FULL] 02/08 M
Poetry Reading Poetry Out Loud 02/09 T
Current Events ISIS: Caliphate to California? 02/09 T
History Story Catchers of NW Calif 02/10 W
History T. E. Lawrence & Today’s Middle East 02/11 Th
Art Learn Watercolor! [FULL] 02/12 F
Travel Into the Dolomites 02/13 Sa
Language & Culture Russian Language & Culture [CANCELLED] 02/15 M/Th
Mind & Heart Anam Cara 02/18 Th
Current Events Unpacking Cannabis 02/19 F
Art Book Arts: Judge a Book by Its Cover 02/20 Sa
Art Mindful Drawing 02/20 Sa
Health Ten Steps to End Your Sugar Cravings 02/20 Sa
Art OLLI Art Nights - Nature Night 02/20 Sa
Science & Environment Responses to Climate Change 02/22 M
Technology Understanding Your iPhone 02/22 M
Art Creativity: The Power of Inspiration 02/24 W
Technology iPad Basics Introduction 02/27 Sa
Film On the Waterfront 02/29 M
Technology Microsoft Excel Basics 02/29 M
Music Songs of Leonard Cohen 03/01 T
Technology Intro to Adobe InDesign 03/01 T/Th
Health OLLI Pilates Plus 03/02 W
Leisure Activities Contract Bridge for Beginners 03/02 W
Leisure Activities Contract Bridge for Intermediates 03/02 W
Health Concepts for Graceful Aging & Exiting 03/02 W
Film Films of the Italian Neorealist Period 03/02 W
Health Hearing Loss 03/04 F
Health Movement: Foundation to Fitness 03/05 Sa/Su
Writing Writing for Children & Young Adults 03/05 Sa
Health Gentle Yoga - Option 2 03/07 M
Mind & Heart Dream Tending 03/07 M
Literature Shakespeare Festival: Twelfth Night 03/08 T/Th
Art Book Arts: What’s It Book 03/10 T/Th
Leisure Activities Make Your Hobby Pay For Itself 03/11 F
Art Hand-Painted Table Linens 03/12 Sa
Literature Introduction to Twelfth Night 03/13 Su
Health Tai Chi Made EZ - Part 2 03/14 M
Writing Dawning Tree:  Story to Light 03/15 T
Health Pain - A Country Doctor’s Perspective 03/15 T/Th
Science & Environment “The Martian” & Mars 03/15 T
Travel Deep Travel: See Less, Experience More 03/16 W
Culinary Winemaking 101 03/17 Th./F/Sa
Literature Shakespeare Festival Trip: Twelfth Night 03/19 Sa
Art OLLI Art Night  - Burlesque Night 03/19 Sa
Culinary Living as a Locavore 03/21 M
Technology Understanding Your iPhone 03/21 M
Art Art of Meinrad Craighead 03/22 T
Culinary Thirty Minutes & Eat!  03/22 T
Mind & Heart Course in Consciousness 03/22 T
Mind & Heart Buddha’s Brain 03/24 Th
Travel Britain & Ireland by Foot & by Train 03/24 Th
Health Creating Order & Simplicity 03/26 Sa
History Storycatchers of NW California [FULL] 03/26 Sa
Science & Environment Discover Your Ancestry Through Genetics 03/26 Sa
Music Music with Film 03/28 M
Writing Improvisational Writing 03/29 T
Literature Wonderful World of Lewis Carroll 03/29 T
Travel Mediterranean Magic 03/30 W
Health Mindset: Foundation to Fitness 04/02 Sa/Su
Leisure Activities Intro to Sea Kayaking 100 - On Land 04/04 M
Mind & Heart Amends: A Primer on Forgiveness 04/04 M
Health Gentle Yoga - Option 3 04/04 M
Art Learn to Draw with Pastel 04/04 M
Literature iPad: Your Reading Resource! 04/05 T
Travel Walking the Camino 04/05 T/Th
Travel Wilderness Canoeing in Canada & Alaska 04/05 T/Th
Technology iPhone & iPad Photography 04/06 W/Th
Poetry Delicious Poems: Contemporary Poetry 04/07 Th
Art Art, Spirituality & Healing 04/07 Th
Language & Culture Hupa Language 101 04/07 Th/F
Health What is Physical Therapy? 04/09 Sa
Technology Understanding Your iPhone 04/09 Sa
Culinary Northern Sonoma County Wines 04/13 W
Leisure Activities Chautauqua: An American Utopia 04/14 Th
History OLLI Armchair Traveler: The “B” List 04/16 Sa
Art OLLI Art Night - Historical Still Life 04/16 Sa
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 101 04/18 M
Technology Intermediate Mircrosoft Excel 04/18 M
Health What is a Healthy Diet These Days? 04/18 M
Science & Environment Lay of the Land 04/19 T/Sa
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 102 04/25 M
History History through New Yorker Cartoons 04/26 T/W/Th
Science & Environment Restoration & Renewal: Prairie Creek 04/28 Th/Sa
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 103 05/02 M
Travel Turkey: The Tour Without the Airfare 05/05 Th
Film A Film Unfinished 05/06 F
Mind & Heart Yoga of Public Speaking 05/07 Sa/Su
Health Movement: Foundation to Fitness 05/07 Sa/Su
Health Gentle Yoga - Option 4 05/09 M
Current Events Transportation Forum 05/11 W
Art Art Theory & Composition 05/12 Th
Art Creativity Class 05/13 F
History Faces of Humboldt County Places - Option 1 05/14 Sa
Culinary Viticulture 101 05/19 Th/F/Sa
Art Behind the Scenes: Ballerinas 05/20 F
Art OLLI Art Night  - Surprise Theme 05/21 Sa
History Faces of Humboldt County Places - Option 2 05/21 Sa
Science & Environment Joy’s Rustic Garden 05/22 Su