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Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Horse Sense: Balancing Family Dynamics Su 6/14
Beyond the Lake in Blue Lake Su 7/12
Shakespeare Festival Trip: Antony and Cleopatra Su 7/19
Indian Cooking:  A Historical Journey of Culture & Nutrition M 6/08
Gentle Yoga 1 M 6/08
Soulful Yoga 1 M 6/08
Workshop on Library Services - Option 2 M 6/22
Gentle Yoga 2 M 7/06
Soulful Yoga 3 M 7/06
Learn to Draw Dramatic Light and Shadow M/W 7/13
Paris Then:  What A Time It Was!  T/Th 6/16
Learn to Draw T/Th 6/16
ISIS: What’s the Caliphate to California? T/Th 6/23
Shakespeare Festival: Antony and Cleopatra T/Th  7/14
Learn to Draw Birds T 7/14
Movement: Essential Foundation to Fitness T/Th 7/21
The Basics of the North Indian Meal W 6/10
Soulful Yoga 2 W 6/10
Discover the Salmon Pass Trail of the Headwaters Forest W 6/17
Advanced North Indian Meal 1 W 6/17
Animal Drawing at the Sequoia Park Zoo W 6/24
An Introduction to Becoming a Cottage Food Operator W 6/24
Advanced North Indian Meal 2 W 7/01
Genealogy 101 W 7/08
Soulful Yoga 4 W 7/08
Wines of the Loire W 7/22
No Bull! We're Going up the Creek Th/Sa 6/11
Amends: The Twelve Principles of Forgiveness Th/Sa 6/11
Workshop on Library Services - Option 1 Th 6/18
Italian Reds Th 6/25
Photography Using an iPad, iPhone or Smartphone Th/F 6/25
Riverwalking Th 7/16
The Ox-Bow Incident: Truth and Justice in the Old West Th 7/16
Genealogy Computer Lab Th 7/09
The Jonathan Lyons Family in the Bald Hills: 1860s to 1960s F 6/19
Good News! How the Media Worked to Restore Confidence F 6/19
The Armchair Traveler: Knowing the Unknown Coast Sa 6/27
Shakespeare Festival Trip:Much Ado About Nothing Sa 7/18
Eat Your Flowers! Sa 7/18
Let the Horse be Your Guide: Achieving Goals as we Age Sa 7/25
The Magic of Mary Poppins varies 7/25



(PDFs require Adobe Reader or equivalent)