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OLLI members have first priority registration for courses. Anyone may register for an OLLI class; however, nonmembers must pay $25 additional fee per class. Up until the week before the course begins, nonmembers may be dropped from the course if space is limited and members wish to enroll.

Course information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


To sort courses by subject, course title, day of week or start date, click on that column header. For example, click on "start date" to sort courses by their starting dates. Each course title is linked to its description and resigration information.

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Subject Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Health Tai Chi Made EZ (Option 1) M 01/29
Current Events 50 Years of Occupation: Film Screening & Discussion T 01/30
Language & Culture Traditional Storytelling T 01/30
Special Interest Groups Book Arts: Tattered Pages 1st Th 02/01
History In Search of Charles Darwin Th 02/01
Art Book Arts: The Basics Th 02/01
History History of the Trinidad Head Lighthouse [POSTPONED]    
Leisure Basic Tap Dance (Option 1) F 02/02
Health Mindset: Foundation of Fitness (Option 1) Sa/Su 02/03
Music Just Sing! (Option 1) M 02/05
Health Chair Yoga (Option 1) M/W 02/05
Health Yoga (Option 1) M/W 02/05
Leisure Acting Up: The Fundamentals of Acting M 02/05
Special Interest Groups Friends of Jung 1st T 02/06
Writing Close To The Bone: Writing From The Inside Out T 02/06
Leisure Ballet for Adults (Option 1) T 02/06
Leisure Ballet for Adults (Option 1A) T/Th 02/06
Technology Why Own a Smartphone? W 02/07
Music Just Sing 2 (Option 1) W 02/07
Leisure Acting Up 2 W 02/07
Art Gustav Klimt & Auguste Rodin Th 02/08
Technology iPhone Basics [DATE CHANGE] Sa 02/10
Science The Nature Connection [CANCELLED]    
Leisure Beginning Pickleball: Skills & Drills (Option 1) Su 02/11
History Sufis: Islam's Wanderers & Poets T 02/13
Art Book Arts: The Bradel Binding T/Th 02/13
Art Understanding Modernism T 02/13
Music Boomer Troupe Chorus T 02/13
Special Interest Groups Soul Collage Group 2nd W 02/14
Technology Social Media & You W 02/14
Science Are you a Plover Lover? Th 02/15
History Notable Nautical Disasters of Humboldt (Option 1) F 02/16
Science Plant Intelligence M 02/19
Music The Old Steeple T 02/20
Special Interest Groups Book Group 3rd W 02/21
Special Interest Groups Conscious Aging Conversations 3rd W 02/21
Mind & Heart Creating Calm & Well Being in a Stressful World W 02/21
Health Chair Yoga (Option 2) [DATE CHANGE] M/W 02/26
Health Yoga (Option 2) [DATE CHANGE] M/W 02/26
Music Savor the Symphony: In Like a Lion M 02/26
Special Interest Groups Bridge Playing Group Last T 02/27
Technology Android Phone Basics W 02/28
Travel Mexico for Whale Watching - It's World Class Th 03/01
Travel A Visit to Mongolia Sa 03/03
Art Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs Sa 03/03
Health The Art of Movement (Option 1) Sa/Su 03/03
Leisure Beginning Pickleball: Skills & Drills (Option 2) [CANCELLED]    
Art Book Arts: Letterpress & the Winter Fold Book [FULL] T/Th 03/06
Health Pilates Plus for OLLI [CANCELLED]    
Leisure Contract Bridge for Beginners W 03/07
Leisure Contract Bridge for Intermediates W 03/07
History Notable Nautical Disasters of Humboldt (Option 2) Sa 03/10
History History & Mystery of Beads Sa 03/10
Health Take Ten: A Classical Stretch Program for Busy People Sa 03/10
Health Tai Chi Made EZ (Option 2) M 03/12
Travel Vietnam's South & Ancient Cambodia T 03/13
Music Just Sing! (Option 2) M 03/19
Mind & Heart Brave Magic: Courage & Creativity to Go Beyond Fear M 03/19
History The Axial Age: Great Minds in Many Lands T 03/20
Writing Writing for Children & Young Adults Tues 03/20
Leisure Ballet for Adults (Option 2) T 03/20
Leisure Ballet for Adults (Option 2A) T/Th 03/20
History The Seven Wonders W 03/21
Music Just Sing 2 - (Option 2) W 03/21
History Sir! No Sir! [POSTPONED]    
Science Native Bees of North America T 03/27
Writing Advanced Writing Workshop T 03/27
Science Listening to the Universe: LIGO W 03/28
Music Iceland: Two Women, Ten Days & The Ring Road Th 03/29
Science The Complete New Solar System Series T/Th 04/03
Science Our Star the Sun T 04/03
Travel Southeast Utah's Canyon Country T 04/03
Art North Coast Artists Showcase T 04/03
Mind & Heart Lightening Your Load: How to Let Go Of Your Stuff W 04/04
Science Mars: A New World Th 04/05
Literature American Prometheus: A Parallel Journey with Steinbeck Th 04/05
Travel Death Valley & Grand Canyon National Parks Th 04/05
Leisure Basic Tap Dance (Option 2) F 04/06
History When God was a Woman Sa 04/07
Health Mindset: Foundation of Fitness (Option 2) Sa/Su 04/07
Science Natural Systems of the North Coast Su 04/08
Music Savor the Symphony: The Language of Love Su 04/08
Leisure Beginning Pickleball: Skills & Drills (Option 3) Su 04/08
Science Asteroids & Comets T 04/10
History Hamilton: The Man & the Musical T/W/Th 04/10
Travel Exploring the Eastern High Sierra of California T/Th 04/10
Art Paper Arts: Eye Catching Surface Designs on Paper [FULL] T 04/10
Music 25 Songs That Changed the World Revisited! W 04/11
Science Gas Giants & Their Most Interesting Moon-worlds Th 04/12
History Company Towns Th 04/12
Art Paper Arts: Designing Collages [FULL] Th 04/12
Science Backyard Bird Watching F/Sa 04/13
Science Frozen Worlds in the Dark T 04/17
Art Intro to Recreational Kayaking 100 T 04/17
Leisure Paper Arts: Designing Collages (Option 2) - NEW! T 04/17
Science The Science of Dinosaurs W 04/18
Leisure Recreational Kayaking 101 Th 04/19
History Four Famous Humboldt Photographers Sa 04/21
Culinary Thirty Minutes & Eat: Simple Cooking for One & Two M 04/23
Leisure Recreational Kayaking 102 T 04/24
History Using Genetics For Genealogical Research Th 04/26
Leisure Recreational Kayaking Humboldt Bay Tour Th 04/26
Literature Othello: Drama of a Refugee T/Th 05/01
Science Trinidad Seabirds W 05/02
History The Great Lumber Strike in Humboldt County 1935 [FULL] F 05/04
History Raising the Bar: History of the Logger Bar F 05/04
History The Armchair Traveler: Train Trips to Logging Towns Sa 05/05
Health The Art of Movement (Option 2) Sa/Su 05/05
Health Hearing: How important is it Really? W 05/09
Leisure Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Othello Sa 05/12
Music Savor the Symphony: Transitions of the Past M 05/14
Health Taking Charge of Your Health T/Th 05/15
Current Events Financial Planning Today W/Sa 05/16
Travel Take It Slow...Take the Train Sa 05/19
Leisure Transportation Made Easy [Jack Pass class]    
Leisure Ten Weird Travel Tips [CANCELLED]