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OLLI members have first priority registration for courses. Anyone may register for an OLLI class; however, nonmembers must pay $25 additional fee per class. Up until the week before the course begins, nonmembers may be dropped from the course if space is limited and members wish to enroll.

Course information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.



To sort courses by subject, course title, day of week or start date, click on that column header. For example, click on "start date" to sort courses by their starting dates. Each course title is linked to its description and resigration information.

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Subject Course Title Day of Week Start Date
Art Learn to Draw! M 06/06
Health Gentle Yoga: Option 1 M 06/06
Health Neuroscience: An Overview T/TH 06/07
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 100: On Land [FULL] 06/07
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking Complete Series [FULL] T/TH 06/07
History A Natural History of the Golden State [CANCELLED]    
Culinary Chocolate: Handcrafting as an Art & a Business W 06/08
Mind & Heart E is for Enneagram: A Primer for Understanding Your Essence W 06/08
Health Beginners Guide to Lightweight Trekking TH 06/09
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 101 [FULL] TH 06/09
Art Learn to Draw with Pastel F 06/10
History Armchair Traveler: It's Ho! for Mendocino SA 06/11
Poetry The Fine Art of Reading Poetry Out Loud T 06/14
Writing Dawning Tree: Bring Your Stories to Light (Flash Fiction) [CANCELLED]    
Health Walk, Talk & Walk Some More T 06/14
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 102 T 06/14
Science & Environment Discover the Salmon Pass Trail of the Headwaters Forest [FULL] W 06/15
History The Jonathan & Amelia Lyons Family In the Bald Hills: 1860s to 1960s TH 06/16
Leisure Activities Introduction to Sea Kayaking 103 [FULL] TH 06/16
Leisure Activities Take It Slow...Take the Train TH 06/16
Technology Smartphones: The Why & What [FULL] SA 06/18
Mind & Heart Conscious Living: A Brief Exploration T 06/21
Leisure Activities Beyond the Checkered Board: Castle Ravenloft W 06/22
Current Events Disaster Preparedness for Boomers TH 06/23
Leisure Activities Birding 101 [CANCELLED]    
Science & Environment Time & the River: A Dozen Historic Humboldt Waterways [FULL] SA 06/25
Mind & Heart How to Work with the Mind Through Buddhist Meditation T/M/W 07/05
History Genealogy 101 W 07/06
Science & Environment Redwood Parks Coast History Tour: A Cultural, Historical & Geological Perspective TH 07/07
History Genealogy Computer Lab TH 07/07
History Exploring Humboldt's Gold Coast: Where History & Geology Meet TH/SA 07/07
Art The Creativity Class F 07/08
Current Events Mongolia in World History [POSTPONED]    
Mind & Heart Let the Horse Be Your Guide [CANCELLED]    
Art Learn Watercolor! M 07/11
Health Gentle Yoga: Option 2 M 07/11
Current Events Islam: A Faith Misrepresented T 07/12
Art Exploring America's Roots & Art T/TH 07/12
Leisure Activities Beyond the Checkered Board: Ascension T 07/12
Technology Introduction to Electric Bicycles SA 07/16
History Monuments of the Distant Past: Megalithic Structures of the UK & Europe M 07/18
TechnologyBetter Photography with Your iPhone or iPad W/TH 07/20
Science & Environment Riverwalking TH 07/28
Science & Environment Spineless:  Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest F 07/29