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Jerry and Gisela Rohde

Jerry and Gisela Rohde, part of the original faculty of OLLI at HSU, want to help make future OLLI classes more accessible for the Humboldt community. So they’re including a charitable bequest for OLLI at HSU in their estate plan.

Jerry and Gisela love teaching every semester and have a special passion for Humboldt County’s human and natural history. Some of their favorite OLLI memories were made on their van tours of nearby state and national parks. The van tours provide special guided access to OLLI students, many of whom would be unable to hike far enough to see certain points of interest. Students are often delighted to experience beautiful historic places that would be out of their reach without OLLI at HSU.

OLLI at HSU provides a unique outlet for the curious minds in Humboldt’s 50 and better community. Jerry and Gisela appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with engaged students. And they love how often students add their own knowledge of Humboldt’s history to make their classes even more interesting!

When they realized they could include OLLI at HSU in their estate plan, it was like a light bulb turning on. Because the program has provided Jerry and Gisela so much joy over the years, they knew immediately that they wanted to support the future of the program. Their goal is to make OLLI at HSU affordable for anyone who’s interested in taking classes about local natural and human history. To help do so, they are bequeathing 10% of their estate to OLLI.

By providing learning opportunities at an affordable cost, OLLI at HSU has become a core activity for many in the Humboldt community. Jerry and Gisela know that OLLI enhances quality of life in many ways for many people. It builds friendships. It creates a real sense of community. And it quenches lifelong students’ thirst for knowledge.

If you’re interested in information about how to include OLLI at HSU in your estate plan, please contact:

Humboldt State University Advancement: (707) 826-5101 or E-mail

Sheila Rocker Heppe, Director, OLLI at HSU: (707) 826-3743 or E-mail