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Ron's Picks

Ron LynchRon Lynch is a former member of the OLLI Curriculum Committee and continues to pursue his studies in the issues of aging and adult learning in later life. He leads occasional groups on the invitations and challenges of later life living.

Raised in Indiana, he has a B.A. in speech and drama, and an M.A. in education. Ron spent his career as an educator developing learning programs for youths and adults, and he worked at strengthening nonprofit organizations.

Here are some of Ron's Picks, lifelong learning resources including books, websites, and e-newsletters.

  • Cover Story: Redefining Retirement: Stories about the "new retirement."
  • Creative Longevity: Essays on Aging and Wisdom (PDFs require Adobe Reader or similar application)
  • Creative Aging for Women:
    Ideas and strategies for women (and men) who want to be proactive about how they feel, think and live as they grow older.
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco. She is the author of the book, Crones Don't Whine. Bolen offers readers 13 qualities to cultivate. Engage in these small practices and you're bound to be a happier person who's doing your bit to make the world a better place.
  • Bill Moyers Journal Transcript: May 8, 2009:
    An interview with Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, a leading sociologist, Harvard University, and author of The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk, And Adventure in the 25 Years After 50. Available in paperback.
  • The Taos Institute Postive Aging Newsletter:
    This newsletter brings to light resources that contribute to living in the later years.
    "The best in insights in aging." -- The Wall Street Journal
  • Time Goes By Blog - What it's really like to grow older
    By Ronni Bennett
  • Changing Aging Blog
    by Dr. Bill Thomas is a platform to attack conventional attitudes towards aging and to provide postive, growth-oriented alternatives for a life worth living. Dr. Thomas is involved in the culture change movement to promote elderhood as an honorable and valuable position in our society.
  • Project Renewment
    by Bernice Bratter and Helen Dennis
    Baby Boom and pre-Baby Boom (or Silent Generation) career women participating in Project Renewment believe that retiring is a process of change and increasing self-awareness. As they redirect the commitment and passion previously dedicated to their careers, they transform and reshape their lives. Project Renewment, a new book, provides these women with an enriched and safe environment in which to explore and confront the challenges that lie ahead.
  • New Pathways for Aging is a collection of personal stories, interspersed with poems and theoretical insights. The book is a testimony to the various routes thoughtful people have followed as they tackle retirement, loss, illness and relocation with resilience, courage, creativity and hope. This book will get you thinking differently, and it offers wisdom about these important life issues.
    The authors draw upon a wide range of experience in the business world, in social services and in academia. Their concerns are the concerns of everyone in an aging world -- social connections, self-esteem, intellectual life, creativity and mortality.
    Editors: Peg Senturia, Stan Davis, Hy Kempler, Prudence King, Rhoada Wald
    Members of life-long institutes can order by contacting :
    Leonie Gordon, Director
    Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement
    51 Brattle Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    617-495-4072, 617-495-4222 fax
  • Conscious Aging: A New Level of Growth in Later Life
    Harry R. Moody
    Institute for Human Values in Aging
    International Longevity Center-USA
    What does it mean to say that conscious aging represents a new form of "growth" in later adulthood?
  • RetireSmiling
    The Global Community for Grown-ups
    Check out the forums, webinars and education
  • How to Leave a Written Legacy
    Jan Goldfield
    eHow contributing writer
    Note the 6 step instructions. Then, check out the related video:
    How to Leave a Legacy through Your Writings
  • Aging as exile?
    This blog explores the intersection of aging, creativity, purpose, transition, learning and well-being. It is edited by Steve Dahlberg.