FALL 2014

OLLI Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are for OLLI members only, and students are required to pay a per-session or yearly fee. To join any of the groups listed below, include the course number on your OLLI registration form or contact the OLLI office for more information: 707-826-5880.

  • Tattered Pages: Book Arts Focus Group: Join us in exploring the exciting world of creative book binding, altering existing books, decorating pages and much more. The meetings feature show-and-tell; demonstrations; techniques and tips; problem solving; discussions about materials and resources and lots of fun! Meets 10 a.m.-1 p.m., second Thurs. of each month. Group leader: Gisela Rohde. ($10, 47628; $25/year, 47637)
  • Friends of Jung: More than a monthly philosophical discussion or theoretical discourse, it’s a deeper conversation. Topics have included movies about Jung, Jungian books, dreamwork, archetypal presentations, art processes, etc. We are a peer-led group, so anyone can suggest a topic, and everyone with an interest or curiosity about things Jungian is welcome. Meets 10 a.m.-noon, first Tues. of each month. Group leader: Lynn Marchand. ($10, 47620; $25/year, 47630)
  • The OLLI Book Group: Choose and discuss great books. All genres are embraced and all readers are welcome. Meets 5-7 p.m., third Wed. of each month. Group leader: Sharon Campbell ($10, 47622; $25/year, 47632)
  • The Soul Collage Group: This group brings collage materials and then uses Seena Frost’s process for discussing the collages created that morning. Two members of the group are trained Soul Collage facilitators. Meets 10 a.m.-noon, second Wed. of each month. ($10, 47621; $25/year, 47631)
  • Writer’s Group: This group is an offshoot of the OLLI course “Writing as a Spiritual Journey.” Meets 1-3 p.m. every other Tues. Group leader: Ginny Kelly. ($20, 47629; 50/year, 47638)
  • Writing Critique: This group is for writers who want to comment upon and receive others’ comments on their writing projects, in hopes of becoming more consistently productive and improving the final product. Meets 2-4 p.m. every other Wed. Group leader: Darlene Marlow. ($20, 47625; $50/year, 47635)
  • OLLI Bridge Playing Group: Play bridge with other OLLI bridge players. A fun and easy place to play contract bridge and meet more bridge players. All levels welcome; you don’t need to bring a partner. Meets 3-5:30 p.m., last Tues. of each month. Group leader: Bob Fornes. ($10, 47626; $25/year, 47636)