What does Humboldt State mean to you?

Humboldt AlumniHumboldt in a Word is a special project of the Humboldt Alumni office. alumni@humboldt.edu

Humboldt in a word

Humboldt State University draws us together as a community, and yet it means something different to everyone.

All of us – students and alumni, parents and friends, faculty and staff – have been changed by our connection to Humboldt State. We have learned about ourselves and the world. We have had momentous accomplishments as well as smaller experiences that turned out to affect us deeply. Our university is a big part of our lives.

Humboldt in a Word is an effort to document this connection, and, in the process, make our community even stronger. It’s also the shortest essay assignment you’ll ever have. Please take the time to share what Humboldt means to you, and find out what it means to others.