Heather Collins Alumni

I became myself. I learned about responsibility, friendship, and being a “global citizen!” It’s where my life started.


David Alvarado Alumni

Humboldt provides the opportunity to change your mind, your major and your life.


Tina Drozelowski Komar Alumni

Life was so crazy and busy, but while at HSU life was calm, welcoming, and always fun!


J. Minnix Alumni

I was one of the “different” kids growing up, and HSU was full of “different kids.” I finally found a sense of place and even met my husband.


Michael Nimmons Alumni

Humboldt, even back in 1972, was at the forefront of environmental awareness, science and of course the forest and shore.


Josh Cole Alumni

Humboldt gave me the chance to breathe, fall in love, and learn to love life.


Sue Grigsby Alumni

My academic, athletic, and personal experiences led me to a confident, active, wonderful life.


Terri Helm-Remund Alumni

That’s what happened!


Ann (Harter) McCoy Alumni

I was able to go somewhere and learn what I wanted.


Ted Hawley Alumni

Because it was the first place that I established my own home.


Rosalind Lynch Alumni

The one thing I always think of is the nature in the area, especially the sunsets.


Michelle Cosper Alumni

It was the first place I lived where people were genuinely friendly.


Daran Fraser Alumni, 2004

A fantastic experience that can only be uniquely supplied by attending HSU and being a Lumberjack!...Go Jacks!


Karen Dziurzynski Cox Alumni, 1983

As I've gone out in to the world I've come to realize that there are other people like me that are energetic, smart, caring, innovative and, yes, maybe a bit different -- HSU Alumni!


Laurie Barnett Alumni, 1983

Many of the friends I made at Humboldt--including my best friend, my husband--have been there for me through thick and thin and then some, ever since we all left Arcata. We all went in different directions, but still have that strong bond we formed at HSU.


Gary Backlund Alumni, 1973

From south of Eureka to north of Orick, when not studying, we walked the beaches, climbed the cliffs, marvalled at the trees and fell in love with nature. Accepted at both Chico and San Jose state universities, I am so thankful to have chosen Humboldt. I now teach at Vancouver Island University, enjoying a Humboldt-like environment.


Richard Galloway Alumni, 1947

I launched my career at Humboldt State College in 1946 working as a clerk in the library for a year then as a junior librarian for two years. After a year at USC library school, I came back to Humboldt as a librarian until 1960, when I was chosen to be library director at the new CalState Stanislaus campus, where I worked until retiring in 1983. I owe it all to HSC and its great education.


Joanne Solorio Alumni, 2004

Being hundreds of miles away from home, we created our own close knit family at HSU. We cared, trusted and relied on each other for the good and the bad. We will always carry that shared experience and know that til this day we can still reach out to each other for how ever big or small the reason may be. I forever see these friends as my family!


Lynn Jones Alumni, 1982

I spent my youth living primarily in the Bay Area, but also in Central America and Europe. When I came to Humboldt in 1972 I found my community. The setting, the pace, the priorities, the activities, the people all fit me like a glove. So I never left. Now, if I could just order up a little more sunshine ...


Cassie Hobbs Alumni, 2008

For me, Humboldt State was the first place in my life that made me feel like I belonged. As a sanctuary for bright, unique people, HSU was a vibrant and challenging community that encouraged courage, respect and growth.