Jane Conley McGrath Alumni, 1972

I have the most wonderful memories of my years at HSU; some of the best years of my life!


Evan Alumni, 1995

When I left for HSU my mother said, "Be sure to expand your horizons", thanks to my mom for saying it, and thanks to Humboldt for allowing me to do it. The environment and people of HSU forced me to expand my horizons in ways a 17 year old kid didn't think possible, and have kept me looking for was to expand horizons to this day. I can't wait to give my kids the same message as they prepare for their future ( hopefully at HSU)!


Tina Borgman Alumni, 1995

I choose the word "bloom," as my move to Arcata allowed me to blossom into the open-minded person I am today. Previous to HSU, I was living in a small community with a very low tolerance for differences.


Janine Silvis Student, 2012

Students at Humboldt State University have the opportunity to work with so many clubs and departments. I feel that at HSU students really do make a difference on their campus.


Jeffrey Palumbo Student, 2013

Self explanatory.


Stephanie Newman Friend of HSU

No matter where I go, nothing compares to the beauty of the mist hanging over the Redwood trees in the morning. I miss Arcata.


Darby Meyer Alumni, 2000

Because opportunities at HSU are Endless and the experiences you get there last forever!


Lisa McCullough Family

Because my amazing daughter Claire is discovering her future potential as a freshman at HSU!


Christine Orlowski Student, 2013

I found out who I was and what I really wanted out of life when I came to HSU. I have had the best opportunities, met some of the best people, and changed my life for the better. HSU gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and gives you the tools to pursue anything.


Enid Weaver Alumni, 2006

I wanted a word that describes what HSU did for my life, for the HSU community, and for the local community.


Katy Tahja Alumni, 1970

HSC made me curious about the natural world and it's wonders. HSC made me want to learn more about lichens. HSC was my grounding to work as a librarian 40 years, then become an author...of a book about Humboldt State University! Kathleen Alban class of '70 journalism...married to a HSC grad and mom of a HSU grad!


Jacquelynn Hilton Student, 2014

A home for the spirited, the smelly, the carefree, the hardworking, the student, the teacher, the environmentalist, the engineer and much more. Never have I been to a place with so much diversity AND open minds.


Roberta Duggan Staff

The HSU Bookstore is a popular stop for our campus visitors. I take great pride in welcoming our visitors and sharing in their memorable first impressions. I delight in hearing our visitors say that Humboldt State is the most welcoming campus!


Chris Gohlich Family

My daughter who doesn't like avocados is a freshman at HSU and now I can eat avocados when ever I like.


Terri M. Student, 2012

Because HSU provides the tools that aid in one's transformation...on the personal and academic level.


Meralee Shannon Alumni, 1973

You can feel it in the air, see it in the trees and ferns, the vibe permeates your heart.


Frank Watts Alumni, 1972

Humboldt State opened so many doors for me, a door to an outstanding education, a door to allow me to mature, to think and make my own decisions, a door that makes me want to remain in contact with the University and most importantly a door to make some of the greatest friends a guy could ask for. Friends, both students and staff, that are life long and that I wouldn't trade for anything.


Sara Perkins Student, 2013

With all the time and money that we spend in school its an investment for a better future. Having knowledge, memories, and interactions with peers and professors that will last for a long time to come.


Marina Christina Fabro Alumni, 2012

I chose the word freedom to represent HSU because upon entering Humboldt State University my freshman year, I remember feeling free! Not only free from my parents but free to be who I wanted to be. I feel that HSU openly accepts each and every student's freedom of expression. It allows us to be who we are and who we want to be without direct judgement. At HSU you have freedom, freedom to grow!


Lauren Student, 2013

The support systems in place at HSU are second to none. As a student here you really feel like you can do anything, because you have people that are willing and able to get you there. I have accomplished all that I have in my education and in my life because of the people that have supported me along the way, and at HSU those people are many: my friends, my roommates, my professors, my adviser, and of coarse my fellow classmates. Together we are one; we are Humboldt.