Steve Hemstreet Student, 2014

HSU represents an opportunity to better myself, my community, and the world we live in.


Zsofia Kiss Alumni, 2012

As an International Student, studying at a foreign university in a language other than your own, is a huge achievement. I know my family is very proud of me for succeeding for the past 4 years, and are looking forward to see me achieve my greater goals outside the classroom in the future.


Laura JK Student, 2015

HSU represents the opportunity to find one's self, to learn about life, to meet the world, to succeed, or to fail. HSU represents the opportunity to become whomever you wish to be.


Doug Bartlett Alumni, 1995

My freshman year I did every outdoor activity known to man many through the HSU Center Activities. The outdoors helped me find my major and eventually my career. I am a year round camp director and love to influence youth and adults through play and activities, as many as possible in the outdoors in our natural environment. Get Outdoors and feel alive!


Nicole Wilkin Student

Humboldt provides many opportunities to grow and learn as a person. There are academic challenges and adventurous opportunities everywhere you go.


Jon Baer Student, 2014

Without HSU and my education, I would have no future. Well at least not any sort of future I am interested in.


Jessica D'Avanza Alumni, 2007

Humboldt State and Humboldt County are magical to me because it is where I fell in love with my boyfriend (we met in Creekview) and it is where I feel I learned so much about myself and the world due to the inspiring culture that is Humboldt. I was born in New Hampshire, but I believe I didn't grow up until I came to Humboldt. A day doesn't pass when I do not think of Humboldt and how it has shaped me and how much I miss it.


Robert Chacon Alumni, 1993

Even though I left HSU in '93, it has never left me. Not a day goes by that my mind fails to think back to my days in that magical place. I return from time to time, if only to refill my senses with the sights, sounds and scents of my university, its people and places. What I gained from my experience there lives on in my daughter and will continue to guide future generations. Humboldt State is, indeed, everlasting.


Aaron Payne Alumni, 2000

Industrial Technology gave me a hands on approach to my schooling and that was exactly what I needed. Now as an Industrial Technology teacher at Los Gatos High School, I am able to connect with students who need the same kinesthetic learning styles I did.


Ron Melin Alumni, 1971

The friendships I made between '69 and '72 at Humboldt have lasted. I'm in touch with the likes of Brent McGhie, Rocky Morris, Jim Daveler, and Frankie Watts on a regular basis. We've vacationed together, attend Lumberjack football and basketball and of course reminisce about our years in Redwood Hall and at the 'Boldt. I think each of us would agree that we're better people because of the friendships we made at HSU. Go Lumberjacks!


Eileen McGee Alumni, 2003

I came away more connected to the community and the work that I wanted to do. Those connections provided opportunities for me to make my way in the world as the me that I'd become as a result of my HSU education. Committed professors made all the difference. As an older student, I've never stopped wondering what my life would have been like if I'd gone to college earlier. I'm happy and fulfilled in my profession.


Alana Gross Student, 2013

Humboldt's community is incredible. On campus and off, there are so many opportunities to learn, teach, grow and share through many different experiences and programs. Get out there and explore!


Ruth Sturtevant Alumni, 2007

There are two things that I immediately associate with Humboldt State. First, we are an environmentally focused school. Second, we are surrounded by so many beautiful trees and lush greenery. Both of these things make me think "green."


Lee-Roy Haarhaus Student

Humboldt State opened up the world to me like no other place could.


Sam Bookhardt Student

Because it is the best place to take botany courses!


Alexandra Seeley Student, 2013

Humboldt State University has been 1 of the most awesome experiences of my entire life. I love the school and the labs actually work here.


Clay Gallardo Student, 2013

'cause its hella cool


Abby Heckman Student

College is one of the opportunities that you should never let go, and to go to Humboldt opens a lot of doors, and makes a lot of new opportunities for you to try out.


Claire Faith Student, 2015

HSU is green all over! Physically, of course, because of the beautiful forest surroundings and our eco-friendliness, but also in the sense that green denotes moving forward; growth. We have a commitment to the environment, to ending bias, and to changing the future for the better.


Aida Castro Student, 2015

My first year at HSU I will be going in as a sophomore. When I was graduating high school I didn't really know what I was going to do so I just started going to city college. I started looking online at 4 year schools that I could transfer to and although a lot of them had good programs, HSU was the only one that I fell in love with. When I look at pictures or read about Humboldt I get excited about my future. I know Humboldt is the place I belong.