Emerald Ochoa Student

I don't even know how to begin to describe the transformation I've experienced, while here at HSU. We're constantly striving for change in and out of the classroom through socially conscious and environmentally conscious efforts. And I've taken those efforts to heart. I live life a little differently now.


Hayden Thomas Alumni, 2012

Humboldt State has prepared me for life.


Erin Guidarelli Student, 2014

There are so many things to do in Humboldt County. I have been here for three years and each year I have discovered multiple new experiences, whether it be academic related, socially related, athletically related, etc. Humboldt has so much to offer that I never knew it did before and I am so glad I have been given the chance to explore.


Kimberly Watts Student, 2013

Here we get hands-on experience in our majors that sets us apart from other universities.


Yang Yang Student, 2011

It's impossible to express my feelings about HSU in just a single word.

“Trees !”

Joel Shapiro Student, 2016

There is a beautiful atmosphere that is around the Humboldt State area that encompasses the campus. The trees here bring life to the community. The best thing in the world is a tree. I love trees and do not like to cut down trees especially if it is deforestation. Instead of cutting down trees, there should be a much better way.


Samantha Whalen Student, 2015

Before I came here, my older brother passed away. Here is where I learned how to deal with the loss and improve my personal well-being. I am beginning to learn who I am now all thanks to moving away from my family.


Jimmy Student, 2014

Humboldt State brings imagination, creativity, and spontaneity to life in it's students and faculty. It changes a person.


Aaron Staack Alumni, 1996

There's something about this school, this town, this area that draws people to it. It's infectious really. Even though many may leave, they are always reconnected in some way. Whether you're driving in L.A. traffic and someone flashes you their Arcata library card, or in some random city, people see you are from Humboldt and feel as if they know you. There's a connection where all lines converge, and Humboldt is at its heart.


Jessica L. Kathol Student, 2013

Humboldt State University is challenging for many reasons. For one, we have wonderful professors who care about their students and make a conscious effort to know and remember our names. For two, I go to HSU because I want to become a teacher. If it weren't for this University, I would not be the person that I am today.


Erica Askew Student, 2013

While at Humboldt I have grown so much as a person and learned so much about myself and what I want to do in life. Humboldt gives you the opportunity to be in situations that challenge you to grow.


Matthew Bekstrom Student

S. sustainability W. wisdom A. adventure G. greatness swag


David Joseph "The Hawk" Orluck Student, 2013

Cheese is Humboldt State. They are both good. HSU colors are yellow and green just like American and Blue Cheese. Some consider HSU holy like Swiss cheese. There are many different kinds of students and people here at HSU; just like there are many different kinds of cheeses. Cheese is such a good food, why would you have anything else? Same goes for HSU, HSU is such a good school, why would you go anywhere else? I love cheese hence, I love HSU... besides all the good words were already used. :)


Jacob Student

There are lots of them!


Summer McCullough Student, 2015

I chose family because everyone at HSU acts as one. Even though none of us really know each other, we treat one another with respect, love, trust, and honesty just like a family would.


Toby Walker Staff

HSU cultivates a sense of community unseen at other universities. Where else are you going to run into your professor at the Farmer's Market, while listening to music students exhibit their jazz prowess? Only at HSU in Arcata.


Krista Acosta Student, 2012

Because this university allows you to be your own person, grow with other individuals that are truly unique...create a lifetime of memories in such a magical place..there is no other university like Humboldt State! Now here in LA, when I see a Humboldt bumper sticker or see someone wearing a sweatshirt I stop and there is an instant connection! A smile and a bond that is undescribable due to the fact that only if you've lived and been in this county and school you are able to undersand.


Chris "Philly" Bryan Student, 2012

I chose this word b/c as a person in their 30's, my time at HSU "Renewed" my path in life and gave me a greater purpose, a greater stride in my path of life that I didnt have before. My development at Humboldt State allowed me to acheive confidence to trust my atonomy--which I didnt have before because I didnt have the support from my family until they realized that I was on my way to completing a Bachelors Degree!!! Thanks so much Craig Riordan!! REC4LIFE:)!


Cathryn Halvorson Rudolph Alumni, 1980

Go forward, upward, discover and become what we are meant to be. Humboldt was a beginning of life as my own person. It propelled me into the world, ready for anything. It brought me love and family and pride and joy. We are a true Humboldt family. All in. Shoot the moon.


Morgan Barker Alumni, 2002, 2003

Humboldt is a place where maverick thought is fostered - facilitating the creation of decision makers who can promote great change - esp. in environmental matters!