Nicole Umayam Student, 2012

Humboldt allows you to enter into a global conversation, which requires both compassionate listening and contribution.


Vynessa Ortiz Staff

Humboldt pushes you to question your beliefs, develop your values and imagine a better world. It can sometimes be a painful transformation, but Humboldt helps you become the person you were meant to be.


Edith Mattson Fritzsche Alumni, 1967

Humboldt State gave my adulthood a serious, strong and joyful beginning.


Ron Fritzsche Faculty

HSU is not just another CSU of convenience. The programs are often unique to the CSU and California students choose to come to HSU.


Katy Butz Alumni, 2011

I love Humboldt. It has made me aware of what is most important to me and what I can't live without. I don't need much, but I need to be happy, healthy, and conscious of my existence.


Mason Long Staff

Ever since I first visited HSU, I noticed something different about it. To me, the area seems to encapsulate everything I wanted in a college experience. The small-town atmosphere, beaches, and forest help to make this university the perfect refuge from the cookie-cutter suburban lifestyle most of us had to tolerate while growing up.


Louis D. Bucher Alumni, 1961 (BA), 1966 (MA)

"Unique" encompasses many of the other complimentary "words" -- opportunity, people, special, different, etc.


Ken Fulgham Faculty

You are inspired to succeed in classes, life, and profession.


Gabrielle Sturchio Alumni, 2009

HSU and Humboldt County are refreshingly liberal in regards to environmental sustainability, sexual diversity, social equality and other aspects that are important in politics and education.


Lauren Poznanter Alumni, 2006

The instructors were kind, gentle, understanding, open-minded, passionate and caring. I was trained to be a teacher by some amazing educators who shared their love of teaching with all of us. I really liked going to school there. I felt like a part of a real community. I have nothing but fond memories of living in Arcata.


Judy Sears Alumni, 1991, 2012

I got my BA when I was 41, now finishing my MA at 62. I love being in school. Multi-age education is crucial to our future. Community is crucial.


Ken Ayoob Faculty

There is so much to absorb -- to learn to do -- the possibilities are endless.


Lance Torgerson Alumni, 2004

Humboldt State is a FABULOUS place to expand your horizons!


Carol Sandretto-Unsinger Alumni, 1993

During my time at HSU I not only grew more knowledgeable, but I grew personally. The experiences, lessons, and people helped to shape the person I am today.


Jiayun Yang Student, 2013

The natural environment in Arcata is awesome: the trees and the ocean. There also aren’t that many people. The city is always very quiet.


Musaad Alowaysi Student, 2016

The students, the professors, everyone is helpful and friendly. If you smile, people smile back at you.


Xuesi Feng Student, 2014

Everything is green here. The trees are green. The grass is green. It is very peaceful and relaxed.


Yue Shen Student, 2013

At HSU, you have the chance to make your own choices, to change your mind, to change your major. There is a higher expectation to be on your own two feet and be responsible for the things you do. You still have a lot of help, but it helps you grow.


Yuehe Li Student, 2013

It’s another country. You can experience something different. You can travel to different places. You can decide what you want to do with your future. Not everyone has that opportunity. Humboldt State gave me the opportunity to learn, to experience and grow up.


Candace Lambert Utterback Alumni, 1998

My time at HSU was a time of growing and developing into the person I have become. Learning, experiencing, and living... I did all of those things during my time as a student. I also met my husband in the dorms during my senior year! But that's a whole other story :)