Joshua Allen Alumni, 2004

The lessons I learned at HSU profoundly changed the way I view the world and my existence within it.


John Church Alumni, 1979

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Laura Bushnell Family

It's my son's name. He is there experiencing all the others. But, when I think of HSU - I think of him.


Katie Lyn Sherry Alumni, 1996

Having all my senses brought to life, my time at Humboldt was full of new opportunities, new experiences and deep seeded love for learning, life, environment, and individuality! Although I am far from being a hippie, my inner child loves the fact that I chose Humboldt so that she could hear drum circles, smell patchouli, eat beans and rice; then get right back down to studying Physics!


Janessa (Molinari) Gruby Alumni, Attended 1993-1996

I've attended a few different colleges since leaving Humboldt and I never felt so connected as I did to HSU. There really was a sense of community in the town and on campus.


Laurie Alumni, 2004

Humboldt State is all about community and support. Not only within the university (staff,faculty,and students) but in the surrounding town and area. There is a smiling face and a helping hand around every corner. I miss it everyday.


Claudia Myers Alumni, 1974

So much going on, such a wonderful place to live. I came here from L.A. as a student in 1965 and I just love living here!


Katy Tahja (Kathleen Alban) Alumni, 1970

Freedom to soak up knowledge...freedom to wander the woods and beaches and breathe fresh air...freedom to form friendships with peers and professors that last a lifetime...freedom to return to campus and feel like you never left...Humboldt is a place in your heart


Ruth Bettenhausen Friend of HSU

HSU is not only located in one of the most beautiful natural places in the world but it embraces the natural world in it's core teaching and research mission. I'ts students live in this beauteous natural place, learning about nature, enjoying it's uniqueness and incorporating this knowledge in their worldview.


Karen Reiss Former Lecturer

Humboldt is a place that recognizes what is personal. Students are viewed as individuals, faculty express themselves as individuals. Individual people meet, interact, learn... mutually. And the results are personal. Personal growth. Personal transformation.


Lyssette Rodriguez Student

I never truly lived my life or felt more alive than when I first came to Humboldt. Humboldt gave me "life" and I have never stopped living since I arrived. I love this place.


Kay Libolt Staff

Students, staff and faculty come to HSU and we all learn, grow and change by our experiences here. All of these experiences shape who we are and are becoming.


Guy Aronoff Faculty

Friendships/commitments, education, community, future. HSU ties it all together!


Suzanne M. Burcell Alumni, 1978, 1981, 2004

Actions speak louder than words. The Convictions we develop here at Humboldt are only convictions if we act on them. HSU is a great place to solidify one's identity, passions, principles, ethics, and commitment to community -- in preparation for ACTION.


Dan Fair Student

Stretches to fit my needs, and fit me.


Steve Sillett Faculty

116-meter-tall timber


Andrea Hamel Transfer and Graduation Counselor

Everyone at HSU is welcoming and supportive. We all work to improve the university as a whole for our students.


Jeffrey Day Friend of HSU

My girlfriend, TJ, goes here and I don't get to see her all the time, so I have to daydream about her at Humboldt State University.


Rhea Williamson Dean of Research

Fantastic students. Fantastic faculty. Fantastic colleagues. Fantastic environment. Fantastic community. Fantastic opportunity. Fantastic future.


Jen W. Alumni, 2008

It often felt like I was rushing from one side of campus to another. The days when I had time to sit and relax in the Depot were something to look forward to. And then getting ready for graduation just made the running more common. I do miss it, though...