Benjamin Bettenhausen Alumni, 2007

I met my wife at HSU and I want my children to go to HSU because it is so close to my heart that it's like my family.


Nicole Chenault Student, 2012

Humboldt allows you to build character. It has a charismatic character of its own and I wouldn't be the individual I am today without the influence of HSU's character on my own.


Natali McClurg Alumni

Everything here is beautiful -- Environment, people, water quality, air quality, awesome people, art, music, intellect. What else is there?


Justino Perez Student

Everyone, professors and all, know your name.


Jahnna Morehouse Student

I have broken down all of my preconceived notions about life and people and who I am and what I am striving to be in this world. They have been completely deconstructed and reconstructed and this has been hard at times, but completely necessary to be the person I am today.


Alec Wiggin Friend of HSU

I have never met so many close and loving people in my life or anywhere else.


Julie Fulkerson Alumni, 1964, 1972

Exploration of all possibilities... from seeds to full development.


Julia Damian Student

Coming originally from Orange County, a place where individualism is highly stressed, I find a sense of companionship and community involvement here at Humboldt State. I feel at home here and frequently a part of something larger than myself and I am grateful for that.


Lori Dengler Faculty

A tsunami caused by a Humboldt County earthquake in 1992 began the US Tsunami Program and we've been ahead of the wave ever since -- the most comprehensive regional preparedness program anywhere and a leader in tsunami science.


Travis Clohessy Alumni, 2011

One finds collaboration in every facet of Humboldt State University. All of the sciences, humanities, and arts majors are the real architects of this cultural phenomena.


Yesenia De Leon Student

It is unbelievable that I will soon be an alumni. It is unbelievable that I have had amazing opportunities and experiences all while at Humboldt State University.


Gregg Gold Faculty

Because wonderful things happen here.


Samantha Thompsen Student

Whether it's your mind or soul, Humboldt is the place to be.


Dan Hauser Alumni, 1965

In all the world, Humboldt is special!


Laura Rhinehart Student

I'm 5 walking minutes from the ocean, 5 driving minutes from the redwoods, go to a fabulous school and hope to open a Dinner Theatre in Eureka and work with great people at the Area One Agency on Aging -- What more could one want?


Donna Hauser Alumni, '99

My senior paper was about the Wiyots gaining position of Indian Island. They now have a foothold. My second goal was to join AAUW. I have been a member ever since. I love Humboldt State University.


Carlos Jones Staff

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Buzz Webb Retired VP of Student Affairs

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Ronnie Swartz Faculty

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Mike Dronkers Alumni

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