Lyndon Rowells Student

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Bernadette Cheyne Faculty

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Shaunna McCovey Alumni

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Rollin Richmond President of Humboldt State

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Teresa Grenot Dean of the University Library

Learning and meeting the opportunities of our communities leads to transformation of our students and faculty.


Nancy Vizenor Business Professor

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Alice Kohno Student

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Bunny Halton-Subkis Friend of HSU

The HSU campus is so green -- well kept and beautiful. It's a true garden. But the university's commitment to sustainability and green technology is also admirable -- a true vision for the future.


Ed Subkis KHSU General Manager

I lived on the east coast, wanted a change, so I walked out the door, turned left and stopped at the ocean. I have approached HSU as a great adventure and have not been disappointed. The adventure continues.


Kimberley Pittman-Schulz Staff

Many of our alums have shared wonderful stories about how HSU and our caring faculty helped them find their true path in life.


Maggie Peters Alumni, 2006

HSU has given me the tools to live my passion, which is to change a small piece of the world that means the most to me... Indian Country. Becoming a teacher provides an opportunity to educate the next generation of leaders in Native communities and promote culture sustainable lifestyles. As a wearer and cultural person, I can bring my knowledge into the classroom. HSU has given me the opportunity to fulfill my passion.


Benjamin Ebert Alumni, 2003

I met my wife on campus. She'll be with me forever, so thank you!


Tahsanchat Ferris-Wilson Friend

Respect yourself and respect others and you will violate no other rule. It's our tradition.


TJ Montgomery Student

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Steve Cunha Geography Professor

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