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HOP Class Registration

Fall 2016

HOP registration window for incoming freshmen is June 20 - July 1.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be permitted to register or alter your schedule outside of the June registration window of June 20-July 1. HSU grants no exceptions. Complete all of your registration activity during this window!


  • The HOP registration support phone line and email closes at 5:00pm on Friday, July 1.
  • Registration window is only open to students who have met all deadlines.
  • Remember, we will review (and revise, if needed) your schedule during the mandatory HOP on-campus session in August. You can even change your major at that time!
  • If you miss this June registration window or would like in person assistance, you will be able to register for classes during the August Oreintation session.

Accessing the HOP Registration Tutorial

  1. Log into your myHumboldt with your HSU username and password.
    1. If you input an incorrect password several times, you will experience problems with myHumboldt authenticating you. Try clearing your history cache. If this step does not work, call the ITS Help Desk directly: 707.826.4357 (HELP)
  2. Once in myHumboldt, select MOODLE at the upper-right of the page
  3. Once in MOODLE, select "MOODLE MENU" and "ONGOING COURSES" which is located at the top middle of the page
  4. You will see HOP Fall 16 after clicking ONGOING COURSES. Click HOP FALL 16 to enter the tutorial
  5. Follow the steps in the center of the page to complete the entire process, which includes
    1. Required English Self-Placement Survey
    2. Required HOP Registration Tutorial (should take approximately 2 hours to complete)
    3. Required HOP Survey to let us know about your online experience
  6. Once all steps are complete, your MUST COMPLETE HOP hold on your Student Center will be removed automatically 24 HOURS upon completion of all 3 steps above
  7. Registration activity only takes place June 20-July 1. If you complete the tutorial prior to or after the registration window, your hold will be removed but you will still not be able to register for any classes within the Student Center
















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