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Humboldt Orientation Program

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  • Humboldt Outdoor Wilderness Leadership Program

Family & Guest Orientation

For the next few years Humboldt State will be your student’s home away from home. We recognize that families and friends play a critical role in the success of college students.

Are you wondering what to do while your student is involved with orientation? Feel like you have your own questions to ask? This optional orientation is designed specifically for you.

Please keep in mind that family members and guests will not be invited to participate in the student HOP orientation activities.

Fall 2016

Draft Schedule Available Here

  • Tuesday, August 16 - Wednesday, August 17 .
  • Student signs up interested family members and guests during orientation sign-up process in Student Center: March 1-May 1.
  • The students participate in a seperate orientation.
  • Official itinerary will be provided at check-in and will available for viewing on the website in August.
  • We will introduce you to faculty and staff across campus as well as provide opportunities to interact with other parents.
  • The cost to participate is $50 per person. This includes any member of the family or any guest that plans to participate in these activities, who is 13 years of age or older.
  • Family & Guest Orientation reservations will be cancelled if payment is not made by the due date.
  • Family & Guest Orientation charges are non-refundable if cancellations are not made via online reservation change form by August 3.
  • We encourage you to visit our Traveling to Arcata for information about lodging in the area.
  • The family and guest program is not divided by age.
  • Families are welcome to arrive at any time, but keep in mind that freshmen must attend all HOP activities. If you plan to check-in after 8am, please head directly to the Office of Admissions, 1st Floor, Student & Business Services Building for assistance.
  • Reservations for the family & guest orientation are to be made at the same time that the new HSU student is reserving a space in the HOP session. If your student missed this opportunity, you can still sign-up using our Reservation Change Form.

Parents Stay Connected

All HSU parents and families are encouraged to join the Parents & Family Network. In addition to being able to communicate with other HSU parents, you will receive periodic updates from the University. It’s a great way to stay connected to the campus community, no matter where you are!