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Health Information

The Student Health Center (SHC) welcomes you and looks forward to serving your health care needs. There are a couple of things that you are required to do as part of your class registration process. We encourage you to do them soon.

Immunizations – Please visit immediately and follow the directions to ensure your complete immunization records are provided using our secure online portal -- failure to do so will prevent you from being able to register for classes in the future.

This is a two step process as described below.

1. Fill out the form through the “Secure Message” system:

Go to the Humboldt State University – Health Center website at to register for this service.  Click on ‘Secure Message Portal" on the left side of your screen and follow directions to register:

Your username is your assigned HSU Student ID number

You will receive an email notifying you of your successful secure message portal registration along with a temporary  password to access your secure messages. You may now sign on to the ‘Secure Message Portal’ using your Student ID number and the assigned password. You can change your assigned password at any time.

When you access the secure message site, there will be a required form for you to fill out called Immunizations. Please fill this out at your earliest convenience to ensure these requirements are met. 

If you are having problems, please call 707-826-5036 (you will receive a call back upon leaving a voicemail message) or send an email to with your questions. **Please do not email your immunization records as email is not a secure method. Immunization records may be: faxed, mailed, or dropped-off at the campus Student Health Center. 

2. UPLOAD a copy of your records to the same portal.

If you are not able to scan then, you can also fax, drop off or mail a copy of your immunization record to the Student Health Center.

Health Insurance

It is strongly recommended that all students have supplemental health insurance to cover the costs of unexpected injury and illness. The mandatory Student Health Fee supports direct care services at the Student Health Center. It does not cover the cost of visits to outside physicians and hospitals, or care for chronic conditions. If you do have health insurance, review your plan and/or call your carrier and make sure you understand the benefits, conditions and limitations of your plan.