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Become an HSU Ambassador

HOP is always looking for students interested in improving their leadership skills while making a positive difference in the transition of new students to HSU. All HOP counselors are HSU student ambassadors and we would love to have you join our team!

Annual Timeline:

Fall Semester - all are welcome to attend our introductory sessions

Late August/Early September: Attend Ambassadors introductory sessions. Come and talk to us when we're tabling in the UC Quad and the J. We will also email you if you express an interest on your HOP survey in August. Join us for one of our sessions if you think that Ambassadors might be for you!

September: Individual and group interviews for the position

October: Learn if you've been hired. If hired, we meet twice a month for 1 hour training sessions for the remainder of the semester

Late October: Work for your first large event, Fall Admissions Day

Spring Semester - meet the returning group of Ambassadors

Late January-Early May: Meet once a week for 2 hour training sessions

Mid-April: Work your next large event, Spring Preview

Summer: Be a peer counselor during HOP and have a direct impact on the successful transition of new students to HSU!

I've really interested but I didn't learn about Ambassadors until now! No worries, please fill out the form below and learn about ways to join our volunteer, alternate team!


In order to be considered for an HOP Peer Counselor position you MUST actively participate in the HSU Student Ambassador program and demonstrate your passion for supporting students and their families. You must also be an academically-successful student and attend all sessions, which means you will have to schedule classes around mandatory sessions.

If you would like to be an HSU Ambassador, please read on and fill out the online form below with your information so that we can connect with you.

Humboldt Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated students who represent the university at highly visible public events both on- and off-campus. Ambassadors are responsible for understanding the mission and values of HSU and embracing them as they represent the "face" of the university. Ambassadors become eligible to apply for positions as hometown recruiters, HSU tour guides, and HOP peer counselors.

If you have any questions, please call 707-826-3510 or email

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