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Hello my name is Alison Casey I am a sophomore here at HSU, majoring in studio art. I am originally from southern California and I choose HSU because of the whole vibe of the school. I love the people that live here, the community is very active and I enjoy how eco- friendly the school is! I am so excited to be a part of a team that gets to show off HSU and how awesome of a school it is. My favorite hidden gem about Humboldt is that between classes at HSU I can go on a hike in the forest!

Andrea Cuevas


Kinesiology (Pre Physical Therapy)

Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley)

I chose HSU because when I came or spring preview everyone was so nice and welcoming, they made me feel like I belong here. I also really love the weather and the fact that the class size isn't overwhelmingly huge so that's a huge reason as to why I came here because the students and faculty really care about you. As an ambassadorI'mexcited about all the new relationships I will be building with people andI'm excited to show people all the great opportunities HSU has to offer. My favorite hidden gem about this school is its overwhelming amount of freedom you feel within the campus and I personally feel so free because we are right in the middle of nature what's more beautiful about going to school that is surrounded by redwood trees.

Name: Angelica Flores-Cruz

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology and Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

When I first heard of HSU, I had no idea what and where HSU was. Coming to HSU has been one of the best choices I have ever made. I chose HSU because of the beautiful environment and because it has a great sociology department that offers a lot of academic opportunities for sociology majors. What I love about being an ambassador is being able to give back to the community by helping new students learn more about HSU and being able to build friendships with my fellow ambassadors. I think one of my favorite not so hidden gems about HSU is the balconies in the Behavioral and Social Science building. My department is housed on the fifth floor of the BSS and on sunny days you have a great view of the bay.


Name: Brianna Rodriguez

Year: 4th

Major: Biology (Marine)

Hometown: San Dimas,CA

Bio: I chose to attend HSU because of all the amazing hand on learning opportunitiesyou can get as an undergrad. I love being an ambassadorbecause i love sharing the experience that I’ve had as a student, and get prospective students an idea of what it could be like for them. My hidden gem of Humboldt county is the amazing tide pools in Trinidad 15 min north of Arcata.

Name: Brisa Bassett

Year: Junior (Transfer) 

Major: Business Administration - Accounting and International Business

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Bio: I chose to come to HSU because when you live in a "desert" your whole life, you want a little adventure in the trees. Plus who doesn't want to live where the beach meets the forest. For the short amount of time I have been coming to school here I have loved every second of it. I love how the business classes discuss sustainability which has shaped me into wanting to change the way we currently do business and put more of an emphasis on the environmental effects of our actions. My favorite hidden gem in Humboldt would have to be the cream cheese danish's at Don's in Arcata. You could eat them all day and not get a tummy ache (although I wouldn't recommend it). I'm excited as an ambassador to help students fall in love with, in my opinion, the best CSU in all the lands.

Christina Cordova


Art Education

Eagle Rock, CA

Many of you can agree that going to college is a big step of independence for all of us, for we find out who we are and what we want to be. We put to action the usual question we were always asked as kids, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" When making a decision to which school I wanted to study at for the next 4-5 years I considered studying in one of the most beautiful campuses our state had to offer. Not only did I pick Humboldt State because I am a nature lover but my favorite time of the year in Los Angeles was October because it was the rainy season (if you consider LA having a rainy season), so after finding out how often it rained in Arcata I knew HSU was an even better fit for me! While my hobby for the past 5 years has been photography, my favorite part about being so close to the rocky coast and the forest is that rain or shine Humboldt County is a photogenic place! And whether it is taking a stroll through the marsh or a night hike in the woods, being a student at HSU makes me appreciate nature more and more every day. HSU is a campus like no other, and a hidden gem that I would say makes our school stand out above the rest is our very own mascot, a Lumberjack! Our Lumberjack and our unique band march through the quad or athletic events and it just instantly gives me the energy and spirit to represent myself as a silly and bold Lumberjack the next chance I get. With such a diverse and entertaining campus that I chose to attend, my goal as an Ambassador is to help incoming students find the Lumberjack in themselves and gain as many experiences this school and the environment has to offer.

Name: Constance (Connie) Hill

Year: Freshman

Major: Theatre Arts

Minor: Film 

Hometown: Patterson, CA


YO what up homedogs! That's pretty much how I speak all the time, but don't mistake that as a sign that I'm unintelligent! I believe that first impressions are crucial to determining how long it will take for someone to open up to you, therefore, I love to make everyone feel as comfortable around me as possible upon first meeting me.

I chose HSU because, well, look around. This scenery is absolutely STUNNING! The trees, the nature all around, the weather, the nearby beaches! Everything won me over! It's a perfect atmosphere to be in for someone like me. I love being outside. My first few months on campus, I'd go hiking almost everyday in the forest right behind us, and now I go to the beach almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My favorite being Moonstone. There's quite a lot of hidden trails to explore there, two of which being tunnels of trees that you can climb up, and once you get to the top and turn around, you get an amazing view of the entire beach. However, none of these views compare to the view at the Edge of the World. My Astronomy teacher showed me on our way up to the Fickle Hill Observatory. The entrance is a little hidden, so only those who know where it is, know where to find it. Once you get there, it's a spectacular view of the forest and all of the mountains, and a little glimpse of the city lights of Arcata. It's name is well fitting, because when you get to the top of the mountain, you truly feel like you're standing on the edge of the world.

Aside from adventuring, I plan on volunteering at the animal shelter in Eureka to spend time with all of the animals before they get adopted. My real passion, though, is entertaining. I've been involved in every single school production so far since I've been on campus, and I'm absolutely in love with my fellow Theatre majors. We have such a welcoming and supportive community that it makes me so happy that I decided to go with my gut, and choose a major that I truly want to spend the rest of my life doing. I'm someone who loves to be busy, I hate the feeling of not having anything to do, so I also have plans on creating a youtube channel at some point. I've already burned through 18 years of my life, may as well spend the next potential 72 as fulfilling as possible!

Name: Corinne (Cori) Brennan

Year: Junior

Major: Anthropology

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Bio: I chose HSU because of the opportunities. Humboldt is a beautiful place and from campus there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking, go to the beach and just explore nature. There are also great academic opportunities at HSU because there is so much hands on learning. This is my first year as an ambassador and I'm excited to show how great HSU and Humboldt County is to both prospective students and freshmen. My favorite hidden gem of Humboldt is the Arcata Community Forest because it is the perfect place to hike, mountain bike and relax in a hammock while being right behind campus. 

Name: Emily Owen

Year at HSU: Freshman

Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Spanish and Journalism

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

I chose HSU because the campus is basically part of the Redwood forest and the student body is so small and welcoming. As an ambassador, I'm excited that I can communicate my love for Humboldt to incoming and prospective students. My favorite hidden gems in Humboldt are all of the cool trails you can find behind the school. 

Name: Hazel Opie

Year: Junior

Major: Critical Race Gender and Sexuality Studies: Pathway Women Studies

Hometown: Portland, OR

Bio: While researching colleges in high school I stumbled upon a description of Humboldt State University. I had never heard of Humboldt County, or Arcata, and only had a vague understanding of California. However I knew Humboldt State was the school I’d been looking for. It was small and personal, it was out of the city, and after visiting and seeing the location, and the redwoods, I knew it was the school I wanted to go to. So I applied and here I am! I know everyone says this, but it’s true, the natural beauty of Humboldt is like no other place I’ve lived. Nothing can top the sunsets on Humboldt beaches on the rare days when the rain stops and the sun comes out through the clouds. Or hiking up to the picnic table during a break between classes. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience at HSU as an ambassador. I hope that I can help people fall in love with HSU.

Name: Hector M. Lopez

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology; Minor: Multicultural Queer Studies and French

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Bio: I chose HSU because of its small community, the ease of access to both the ocean and the Redwood Forest, and the weather. One of the reason why I chose to be a part of the ambassadors program was to share my insight and experiences with prospective and current Jacks. As a transfer student myself, I would like to help others get acclimated to our wonderful environment to make sure they get the most out of their time here.

Iran Ortiz

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Science

Hometown: Sunny San Diego

I originally chose Humboldt State because it was something totally different from home. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else other than Humboldt. It wasn’t until I started to work as an ambassador, that I saw all the things this school has to offer. Now, I’m excited to meet all the students interested in attending Humboldt as well! This campus is beautiful, and the nature surrounding campus makes it unique from others. My favorite things about Humboldt State is the countless places to hike, the beautiful beaches close by and the endless places to discover. HSU's breath-taking scenery reminds me everyday why I chose to come and choose to stay. 


Jack Korfhage

1st Year

Kinesiology (Pre-physical therapy)

Rocklin, CA

Hello fellow Lumberjacks! My name is Jack and I'm really excited to be an HSU ambassador this year! I chose Humboldt because it's a great school and ever since I set foot on campus, it has felt like home. I chose to be an ambassador because being part of someone's first college experience sounds like a blast. My favorite parts of Humboldt include Strawberry Rock in Trinidad and the 5th floor of the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building.


Name: Julia Gomez

Year: 3rd Year

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering with a minor in Spanish

Hometown: Fontana, California


Choosing to attend HSU for me was a very easy choice. I love the beautiful outdoors here and the friendly community.

Student Ambassadors get to meet all of the prospective HSU students and share our experiences with them. It's fun to always be meeting new people.

There is this little trail down the street from my house that I love going hiking on. Going there helps me to stay relaxed and down to earth especially when I have been busy all week with school.

Name: Katelyn Mae Colgrove

Year: Senior

Major: Wildlife

Hometown: Clackamus, OR and Ontario, CA

Bio: I chose HSU due to the climate and the wonderful wildlife program. I am excited to share my enthusiasm for HSU with prospective students and help them get accustomed to their new life at HSU. My favorite hidden gem at HSU are the balconies at BSS which provide an overlook of Arcata, the Bay and all the way to Eureka.

Name: Kassandra Rodriguez

Year: Junior

Major: Geography

Hometown: Orange/Riverside County

Bio: Choosing to go to Humboldt State was one of the best decisions I've made. From the many hands on learning opportunities, small class sizes, and experiencing the beautiful forested side of California, Humboldt State will forever be a part of me. Which is why becoming an ambassador was an easy decision, I want people to see why Humboldt is a great hidden gem of California.

Name: Katie Schmiderer

Year: 4th Year, Senior

Major: Geography major, History minor

Hometown: Murrieta, California

Bio: Hi all! My name's Katie Schmiderer and I've finally reached my 4th year of college. It's my senior year as a Geography student and I've also picked up a History minor, as well as an unofficial pilates minor. I originate from San Diego, California, but sadly moved away from the ocean to Murrieta when I entered primary school. and only moved away after I graduated from Murrieta Mesa HS, becoming a freshman moving into the Humboldt State dorms. I chose HSU because I needed a change of pace, to live in an area that felt tucked away, which is one of the many tasks the Redwoods do for us up here. One of the things I love most about having been an ambassador since my freshman year has been the amazing connections I continue to create with both incoming and returning students, which has made me feel welcomed in a community that is also secluded. One of my favorite 'hidden gems' around Arcata, especially when the sun is out, is the Pump Station off the Mad River where there are swimming spots, flat open space for activities, a giant cast-iron grill for cheffing up, spots to eat and trees to climb. Now that you know something about me, I can't wait to me you!

Name: Kelsey Campos

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration, Emphasis in Accounting

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Bio: My name is Kelsey and I'm an Ambassador for HSU. I chose to attend Humboldt because it was not only in a beautiful location, sandwiched between ocean and forest, but also because it was a smaller, more intimate community. When I got here, I realized that there were many different things going on and I found that I really wanted to be able to share the amazing parts of my school to others, so I joined the Ambassador program. My favorite "hidden gem" of Humboldt is a small cave at one of the local beaches, which has plants that come down just above the entrance. It's very beautiful.

Kimberly Encio

Junior - Transfer

Business Administration concentration in Marketing

San Diego, CA

Coming from San Diego, CA people wonder most as to why I travelled to the opposite end of California for school and the reasons are simple; I needed a change of environment to focus on school with a welcoming environment but a place I wouldn't have to sacrifice scenery hence Humboldt State University! As an out of town student, I have a lot of questions about the culture within the university so becoming an ambassador means that a lot of my questions are being answered and I can return this knowledge to anyone out of town as well. So far what I've discovered about Humboldt county would probably be the different coastal beaches and how amazing they are! Luffenholtz Beach would have to my favorite!

Name: Kristina Wren
Major: English Teaching the Language Arts with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language
Hometown: Palm Springs, CA
Bio: I chose HSU because we have a beautiful, small, intimate campus which is what I was looking for in a university. I also came here because it is very different from home and it has really allowed me to grow as a person and become an independent young adult. Joining the Humboldt Orientation Program has opened up a lot of opportunities for myself and I really enjoy working with new and prospective students. My colleagues/peers have also become a second family to me and it is great knowing that I have them all as a support system. This is my second year as an ambassador so I'm excited to shape the leadership skills I gained last year and help the new ambassadors adjust to this position. My favorite part of Humboldt County has to be the ability to drive along Highway 101 and look out at the beaches and ocean. It is incredible that we live in a naturally beautiful area of California and everyone needs to get out and explore what Humboldt has to offer.

Name: Kyra Anderson

Year: Freshmen

Major: Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Bio: I chose HSU for its beautiful campus and how the campus was so close to the forest and the ocean. Also I loved the hands on learning opportunities HSU offered and how I got to participate in research as a first time freshmen. I am excited to be an ambassador because I love helping the next class grow and explore all the school has to offer. My favorite hidden gem of Humboldt is Trinidad Beach simply because it is so beautiful.

Name: Lisa Drew

Year: Junior

Major: Communications and Interdisciplinary Dance Studies

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Growing up in a city as big as Las Vegas, I've really enjoyed the experience of living in a small town because it's so close knit and you get a very strong sense of community. I chose HSU because of the small class sizes and hands on learning experiences, because I knew I would be successful, engaged and excited about my classes. My favorite aspect about being an ambassador is getting to connect with students as they are preparing to begin the next chapter in their lives.

Maria Cecilia Sanchez


Biology (cellular/molecular)

Compton, California


This is my first year at Humboldt state and I absolutely love here. I chose HSUit was the best option for me at the time. This university gave me the most financialhelp and let me straight to my major. I also enjoyed the opportunity that the smallsize classrooms gave me such as, more one on one with professors and the smalllab sizes. And how can someone forget the beauty that this school has, the views are always amazing.I love being an ambassador because it help me share the experiencethat i have obtained over the year. And the satisfaction of helping someone see if this isthe right school for them.In Humboldt state I have found that the natural resource building at night is really relaxing. The larger windows in the back allow you to see the nice view of the forest as you study.

Michael Escobar

Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a freshman majoring in English, and I'm from L.A. I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose HSU because I've grown so much here without the comfort of my parents. I love the local feel and friendly vibe here. I'm an ambassador meaning I meet new people all the time. I love this job especially because of our positive reputation. I remember how Mr. James Floss (you should all take his comm. class) was stunned by the fact that I was an ambassador and congratulated me in front of class. Check out the stunning beauty here! You might not even need to check it out yourself because I've taken classes in where we took field trips to places like Trinidad and Blue Lake!


Name: Michael Saveliff

Year: Junior (first year at HSU)

Major: Sociology

Home town: McKinleyville

Bio: I chose HSU because the school was very affordable, big in Sociology and surrounded by interesting people and places. My favorite part of Humboldt is actually a little crepe restaurant called Renatas, too many people I ask don't know about them. I'm excited about the Ambassador program because I think its a great way to get potential students excited about college.

Miranda Olberg

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Portland, OR

Bio: I had a terribly difficult time choosing a college, but visiting Humboldt State for the first time took away every worry I had. The beauty of this place astounds me every day, be it the compassionate people or the natural scenery of the campus. With all the love I have for HSU, I wanted to find a way to give back to the community; through the Ambassadors program, I can do just that. I'm excited to help ease the transition for new students, as I know personally that HOP mentors have a tremendous impact on a person's first experience here. My favorite hidden gems in Humboldt are the moon trees that you can find growing around campus. I don't think there's anything cooler than having redwoods that have orbited the earth planted all around us!  

Mireya Ortega



North Hollywood

I chose HSU because I enjoyed the weather, I loved the trees that surround the university as well as the atmosphere that all the students and professors provide for the new incoming students. I instantly felt at home when I first arrived. I am most excited about meeting new student during orientation as well as introducing prospective students to our HSU family. I personally like the atmosphere of the Arcata Plaza, the events held there throughout the year give Arcata a big sense of community and togetherness.


Sarahi Perez



East Los Angeles

One of the reasons why I chose Humboldt State University to continue my education was because this school has passionate professors who really want students to achieve in the real world in their selected disciplines. I am most excited to work with other ambassadors to help incoming students better adjust to college life being far away from home. My favorite hidden gem is the Ma-l'el Dunes near Arcata where I have gone to remove invasive plant species. 

HOP Leadership Team

Name: Sydney Hubbel




Every day I get to walk through such a beautiful environment to classes I love. I chose HSU because of their huge emphasis on hands on learning; I knew this was a place where I could not only succeed but enjoy my education as well. I joined the ambassador team because they really helped me decide that HSU was the school for me. I want to be able to do that for people. After I graduate, my goal is to become a history teacher or professor. ​My favorite moment as an Ambassador was seeing the excited faces on Fall Admissions Day.