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Placement Testing


important information

Please read the following information carefully. You should visit CSU Placement Tests website for complete details. If you have questions about taking the exams at HSU, you should contact the HSU Testing Center directly at

What Are The EPT & ELM?

The California State University (CSU) system requires new students to take the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math exam (ELM) before registering for classes, unless they are exempt. These placement tests are designed to determine your level of preparation for college work in Math and English.

You cannot register for ANY classes at HSU unless you have completed the EPT/ELM or you are exempt.

For more information about the tests, please go to the CSU Placement Tests website.

Do I Need To Take The EPT/ELM?

You cannot register for any classes until we have your EPT/ELM scores or verify that you are exempt. Students who are required to take the test(s) will be informed by the HSU Office of Admissions.

If you have not received information or have questions about your test status, please call the Office of Admissions at (866) 850-9556 (toll free).

It is your responsibility to provide your official SAT or ACT scores to the Office of Admissions prior to orientation.

You may be exempt from taking these tests, be sure to check the ETS Bulletin for all information. This is provided as a helpful summary:

EPT Exemptions:

  • review CSU Placement Tests Bulletin
  • The CSU English Placement Test must be completed by all entering undergraduates, with the exception of those who present proof of satisfying the requirement

ELM Exemptions

  • review CSU Placement Tests Bulletin
  • The CSU English Placement Test must be completed by all entering undergraduates, with the exception of those who present proof of satisfying the requirement

To qualify for exemption, documents verifying test scores or completion of GE course work must be on file with the Office of Admissions prior to the orientation session you plan to attend.


Math Placement

All degree programs at HSU require at least one General Education (GE) level mathematics course. As an incoming HSU student, you will have a “math placement category.” Your math placement category determines what math classes you may (and may not) enroll in. Your math placement category
is determined by at least one of the following:

  • your score on the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) test
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • the EAP portion of your 11th grade California STAR tests
  • high school coursework

If you need to take the ELM, your performance will classify you into one of three math placement categories:

  1. Eligible for General Education level math courses.
  2. Require 1 semester of a developmental math course.
  3. Require 2 semesters of a developmental math courses.

Developmental math courses (also called remedial math courses) do not count toward degree progress, but they do require text books and count toward university and financial aid unit caps. You can save a substantial amount of time and money by eliminating the need to take developmental math

Math Diagnostic Test Program (MDPT)

Are you ready for calculus?

Freshman and transfer students who have studied pre-calculus coursework and who have not attempted HSU MATH 115 or MATH 113/114 have the option to demonstrate readiness for calculus by passing the MDTP calculus readiness test given on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. Passing the MDTP will make you eligible to enroll in calculus (MATH 105 or MATH 109). Your MDTP score can also be used to determine eligibility for MATH 114 (Trigonometry) and STAT 109 (Biostatistics).

To be eligible for the MDTP, math remediation must be completed successfully or not required and you must have already studied precalculus or college algebra and trigonometry.

You may take the MDTP only once.

You must preregister to take the MDTP.
To preregister, go to this website and fill out the form:

Upon successful preregistration, you will receive a confirmation email from Testing that will include the time and place of your exam.