Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued to all vehicles parked in violation. The citation penalty is due within 21 days of the violation. After that date, a Notice of Delinquency is mailed to the registered owner at the address on record at DMV. If the citation becomes delinquent, a late fee will be added and a hold may be placed on your vehicle's registration.

Appeal Process

Contested citations must be appealed within 21 days of the violation at the University Police Department. There are citation review request forms available for pickup at the UPD window or parking booth. The disposition will be mailed back to you. If you disagree with the result of the appeal, you may have an Administrative Hearing. You must deposit the citation penalty at the time your hearing is scheduled. Contact the University Police Department, SBSB room 101, to schedule a hearing.

Citation Payment

You may deposit your citation envelope, containing the citation into the drop box at the University Police Department, Student & Business Services Building.

You may pay your citation penalty by check, money order or credit card. Do Not Pay By Cash, as a receipt is not provided.

Pay By Mail

Send your payment and citation to:

Humboldt State University
c/o Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

Pay By Credit Card

You can pay online by clicking on the following button: Pay parking tickets online or by telephoning 1-888-281-6459. There is a processing fee of $3.95 per citation.

You can also review outstanding citations by clicking the button.

Immobilization of Vehicles

Multiple Unpaid Parking Citations: If HSU parking has issued five (5) or more parking citations to a vehicle and these citations have not been paid, then the vehicle may be immobilized by a wheel boot or impounded at the owner's expense (CVC 22651 (i)(1)). To have an immobilized or impounded vehicle released you may pay the necessary fees to Parking services at the Humboldt State University Police Department.