Parking and Transportation Committee

Under President's Executive Order # P 03-01, the Parking and Transportation Committee meets monthly during the academic year in Nelson Hall East to serve as a forum for parking and transportation issues. The committee receives input, evaluates parking and transportation strategies, makes recommendations for action to the President, and implements strategies as directed by the President.


  • Chief of Police, Committee Chair
  • Two students, recommended by the Associated Students (1-year term)
  • Faculty member, recommended by the Academic Senate (2-year term)
  • Faculty member, recommended by the University Executive Committee (2-year term)
  • Staff member (non-management), recommended by the Staff Council (2-year term)
  • Director of Student Disability Resource Center
  • Director of Contracts, Procurement, & Risk Management
  • Director of Physical Services
  • Director of Fiscal Affairs
  • Supervisor, Parking & Commuter Services
  • Representative, City of Arcata, appointed by the City Council/City Manager

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