Parking Permits & Fees


All vehicles parked on campus property must display valid parking permits.

Parking meter fees may be paid in lieu of a permit.

Parking permits are sold at the Student Financial Service's window, in the Student Services Building, and may be purchased for one or two semesters. Evening permits are also available at a discounted rate. Staff permits may be purchased only by employees working half-time or more. Student employees, student assistants, etc. do not qualify for staff permits. The permit can be transferred between vehicles when affixed to a plastic hanger. Permits are not valid at parking meters. Debit cards, with a value of $15, may be purchased at Student Financial Services or the Bookstore and used at parking meters.


The current permit fees can be viewed on the Student Financial Services website.

Motorcycles & Mopeds

Motorcycles and mopeds must display valid permits and can park only in Motorcycle Zones or on streets without stall markings. Mopeds are subject to all traffic regulations and may not be operated under power when driven on campus walkways.

Daily Permits

These permits may be purchased at the locations shown on the map. They are valid only on the day purchased and must be completely visible on the dashboard. These permits are valid in Staff lots after 5 p.m.

Parking Meters

Metered spaces provide parking for any vehicle, for the time designated by depositing coins or parking debit cards. Permits are not valid at the parking meters.

Lost or Stolen Permits

The University will not replace any lost or stolen permit without first reporting the loss or theft to the University Police Department. There is a $15 replacement fee. Parking debit cards will not be replaced or refunded.