By studying Philosophy you will increase skills in logic-based critical thinking, written communication, problem solving, oral communication, analytical thinking, and textual interpretation and analysis.

You will also have the opportunity to study classic texts in the history of ideas, East & West contemporary works in ethics and epistemology, feminism and philosophy of science, Individual thinkers in depth, and environmental ethics & wildlife ethics.

What are the Possibilities

The study of philosophy provides students the opportunity to analyze and thoughtfully respond to the fundamental ideas and basic concepts of human experience. It requires the constructive re-experiencing of those problems and doubts found in the principal writings of Western and Eastern philosophical traditions.

Accordingly, the philosophy program at Humboldt State University places foundational importance on the history of philosophy. The goal is to examine ourselves, diverse cultures, and different world views with the aims of analyzing and contributing toward a reformation of self and environment.

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"Philosophy is a free inquiry into the limits of human knowledge and into the most general categories applicable to experience and reality."
– Stuart Hampshire

"What is your aim in philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle."
– Wittgenstein

"Philosophy, like all other studies, aims primarily at knowledge.. The knowledge it aims at is the kind of knowledge which gives unity and system to the body of the sciences, and the kind which results from a critical examination of the grounds of our convictions, prejudices, and beliefs."
— Bertrand Russell

"Socrates: Now my art of midwifery is just like [the art of those who attend women in childbirth] in most respects. The difference is… that I watch over the labor of souls, not bodies. And the most important thing… is the ability to apply all possible tests to the offspring, to determine whether [it] is an error or a fertile truth."
– Plato

"An idea is a putting truth in checkmate."
– Jose Ortega Y Gasset.

"[Philosophy] is an adventure in the clarification of thought, progressive and never final. But it is an adventure in which even partial success has importance."
– Alfred North Whitehead