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Records Retention Review


The start of a new fiscal year is a great time to review and clean out records.

Make sure to attend an L4HSU Event on campus next week


More than 80 staff and faculty attended L4HSU events in the first two weeks of the summer. Some of the June L4HSU sessions...

Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process Training Summer Schedule - Update


Staff and Faculty members are required to take the "Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process" training every two years...

Professional Development Newsletter - June 2017


This month inside HSU ...

Learning Site Agreement (LSA) Status List – 5/26/17


Attached is the Learning Site Agreement Status List, current to to 5/26/17, which lists agencies that are approved learning...

Open Forums for the Coordinator of the African American Center for Academic Excellence


Campus Community,

It would be a pleasure to have you join the open forums for the candidates of the coordinator for the...

Library Lifelong Learning Lounge – L4HSU - Starts this Week!


Library Lifelong Learning Lounge – L4HSU Starts This Week!

Check out the ...

Administrative Memorandum: College of Extended Education and Global Engagement (CEEGE)


Administrative Memo: VPAA 16-04

SUBJECT: Merger of Center for International Programs (CIP) with...

HRAPS Facebook & LinkedIn Pages!


The Department of Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services (HRAPS) has created department pages on both ...

New Announcement Page on Risk Management Website


Please visit Risk Management and Safety Service’s new web page called “What’s New in Risk” to see how updates to campus...