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Facilitating Virtual Collaboration”, Sep 22, 2-3 PM


In this webcast, learn how to facilitate gracefully, effectively, and in a way that brings out the best in people even if they...

Power Down HSU - September 15 1pm-5pm


Dear Staff, Faculty and Students,

Save the dates: HSU is saving energy on September 15, October 12, and December 7...

Budget Director Appointed


Please join me in congratulating Amber Blakeslee on her appointment as Budget Director.


Central Events Coordinator in Contracts and Procurement


I am pleased to announce that Bella Gray has been appointed to take on the role of the central events coordinator in the...

Call for Applications: Assigned Time for Exceptional Service to Students


The most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement established a program to “provide assigned time to faculty employees who are...

Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process Training Required


Staff and Faculty members are required to take the "Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process" training every two years...

CCAE Calendar of Events - September 2016


Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence

September 2016



Learning Site Agreement (LSA) Status List – 9/2/16


Attached is the Learning Site Agreement Status List, current to to 9/2/16, which lists agencies that are approved learning...

Sabbatical and Difference-in-Pay Leave Eligibility – Academic Year 2017/18


The list of faculty eligible to apply for sabbatical leave to be taken during academic year 2017/18 is posted at: ...

Sabbatical Leave & AT for Exceptional Service Information Meeting


The Professional Leave Committee (PLC) will be hosting an information meeting about Sabbatical leave applications and Assigned...